The Wombats Band's Most Beautiful Song Lyrics

The Band 'The Wombats' Top 15 Song Lyrics That Are So Beautiful, They Will Ruin Your Life

Since 2007, The Wombats have blessed our ears with their artistic lyrics.

The Wombats have released four albums since 2007, and although their sound has most definitely changed throughout the years, their lyrics have remained artistic and masterful. Here are 15 lyrics that I believe are among their best, from their first album down to their newest.

1. "Let's dance to Joy Division / and celebrate the irony / Everything is going wrong, / but we're so happy"

Artist: The Wombats Label: Roadrunner Records

2. "Am I in a scene from 'Midsummer Nights Dream'? / I thought raves like these died in the 90s?  / The forest is breathing along with us tonight"

3. "Flowers might wilt when we walk past, / and self-help might help when it makes us laugh / Only finding questions in answers / You and I are just walking disasters"

This Modern Glitch.

4. "We're self imploding / under the weight of your advice / I wear a suitcase / under each one of my eyes"

5. "It was the perfect disease we had, / and in its absence lies a painful fact / We all need someone to drive us mad"

6. "I wanted this to work so much, / I drew up our plans on a chart / Cars are flipping, I'm in hot pursuit / My character's strong, but my head is loose"

7. "I don't come here for the exclusivity / I just come here for the view / and the minuscule chance of some close proximity / or an awkward conversation with you / Yeah, that'd be cool"

8. "I tend to focus on the past and not the now / I'll be over this soon, / but some images adhere like super glue"

9. "Behind these metaphors / I want you literally / We crave the fiction when we need the truth"

10. "I like the way your brain works"

11. "I'll be your character with flaws tonight / Come a little closer, my firefly / You're not the only one who doesn't want to be alone tonight"

12. You're in the cherry cake and swimming in my wine / You're in the orange juice that I spill at halftime"

13. "I try to be human, / but that never works / I'm lost in a gift shop / with hours to burn"

14. "It's not much of a weekend, when there's one of me and none of you" 

"White Eyes" definitely tops it off as having the highest number of beautiful lines in just one song.

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