The "What-Ifs" of Beginnings

I don't know if your thoughts are similar to mine, but I think that beginnings are usually the hardest part to any experience. You don't know what you're jumping into and you don't know if you'll like it or not. You might be scared of what's to come, or maybe you'll be ecstatic. However, people like me are constantly in a state of anxiety with a million worries running through our heads.

"What if I hate being an RA? What if I'm not fit to be an RA? What if no one likes any of my articles? What if I go crazy from the crazy busy schedule that's to come? What if???"

As a student whose already had my first year experience, I decided to challenge myself more for my sophomore year of college. So far, school hasn't even begun and I've already taken an RA position, decided that I will be volunteering my time every Wednesday night, and I've also taken this opportunity at writing for The Odyssey. Overwhelmed me was majorly stressing all last night. I kept thinking to myself, "Am I truly ready to take on all these responsibilities that can and will overwhelm me, and could even lead me to reconsider all my actions and agreements?" The "what-ifs" were also coming back again.

So I reversed my own thoughts around. I stopped thinking about all those negative what-ifs. Instead I thought, "What if I love it all so much and don't ever want the adventures to end?" I don't want to be stressed and constantly worried about all those negative what-ifs. Because if I do put all those unnecessary worries aside, maybe then the experience will be great and what if, instead of the beginning, it is the end that is the hardest part?

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