Just when I thought the Warriors dynasty would almost be over. Just when I thought they would be forced to trade one of their big 4 or let someone walk. Instead, they sign another perennial all-star in Demarcus Cousins for about 20 million dollars less than what he is actually worth. Instead, they guarantee another banner added to their arena.

Yeah, I said guarantee.

It's just like when they signed Kevin Durant a couple offseason's ago. The 73 win team replaced Harrison Barnes with the second best player in the league. Now they replace Javale McGee with arguably the best center in basketball.

This is move is particularly shocking because of Cousins temperament. Everyone saw how much scrutiny Kevin Durant received for joining the Warriors. It caused him to make burner accounts to defend himself. Cousins is famous for having the shortest fuse in the league as he is famous for his mid-game meltdowns, ejections and ripping apart locker rooms. So why would he exploit himself to such scrutiny? I don't he will be able to hold it together mentally to not get suspended for a few games this season. The Warriors also have one of the most united locker rooms in the league. They play with tremendous chemistry and never go at each other's throats. But I guess when you truly look at it, Golden State believed that his talent is worth the risk.

It's moves like this that also make people hate the NBA. There is no variety, no drama, no struggle, no competition, just bland predictability. It's moves like this that would only happen in NBA 2K but have now become reality and shockingly the norm. And there's only one person to blame for that... LeBron James.

James popularized the super team when he teamed with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami in 2010. It was the beginning of the trend that has turned the NBA into the product it is today. Now it is all about adding as many superstars to your team as possible. The Rockets have James Harden and Chris Paul, The Timberwolves have Karl Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler, the Thunder have Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony. And that's just in the western conference.

This move in particular though has to be the eye opener, it has to be the prime example of why this kind of movement needs to stop. Sure watching these five players will be cool for one game, but not 82. But do you want to know what isn't cool? The fact that this Warriors team can probably beat the eastern conference all-stars in a seven-game series.

I feel like I just read the Wikipedia page for the upcoming season. I've tricked myself into thinking that this nightmare might be over. That maybe some team can dethrone this juggernaut and show the world that a new team can reign over the league. But I'm afraid that I'm not waking up from this one, in fact, I don't think this is ending anytime soon.