"I need some air, I'll be back Dad" I say to him. He looks up from the paper abruptly, snapping to attention.

"Okay Jess. Don't go too far." I hardly hear him as the sliding doors close behind me. I go straight to my car and start to think. What could save my mom? I knew there was the black market but that seemed shady. I could do it myself- but then I'd face the consequences and probably get jail time- but only if I was caught. A plan starts to form in my mind as I speed out of the parking lot, determined to somehow get a kidney and lung for mom.

I drive straight to my best friends house- I would trust her with my life and I know she'll help me. I park in her driveway and am barely to the door when Claire opens it.

"Jess I knew you'd come. Hurry, get inside." I hug her and we quickly shut the door.

"How's your mom doing?"

"I don't know- she needs a new kidney and lung in order to even have a chance of survival. I know it's crazy but I think I have a way to save her and I need your help."

"Anything- your mom was there when mine was in rehab. She took me in as her own. What did you have in mind?"

I explain my plan to her, and her eyes go wide.

"Are you sure you could pull this off? And within a hospital? There's so many cameras everywhere. They'd catch you for sure."

"That's when you come in. I need you to disable the cameras in certain rooms and one hallway- just for a minute. Then we'd be able to pull it off." Claire is a technology major at the Ozarks Technical Community College with a specialty in computer sciences. "Please Claire. I need you. My mom needs you. We can do this." She nods, tears in her eyes.

"Okay. Let's go to the hospital."

We walk out to the driveway and hop into my car. We drive in silence and finally get to the hospital, only to find my dad waiting outside, furious.

"Jessica Elizabeth Walker what were you thinking?! I had no idea where you were and I was about to call the police! Do you care to explain yourself young lady?"

"Dad I'm really sorry- I just needed a friend. I went to get Claire so she can help us through this. She also offered to make us dinner if we need it." I nod at Claire, egging her on.

"Uh yes. Anything you need Mr. Walker- I'll try and help as much as I can." Dad sighs, shaking his head.

"Oh alright. You get off the hook this time. Next time you need to tell me where you're going- especially at a time like this."

"Thanks, Dad. I promise we won't leave the hospital again."

Dad ushers us through the doors, and I regain my position in the waiting room, although this time, Claire and I have a plan.