To The Voltron Fan Blackmailing Studio Mir: Are You Kidding Me?

To The Voltron Fan Blackmailing Studio Mir: Are You Kidding Me?

Look, we get that you want Klance to be canon, but this isn't the way it should happen.

Yep, that's right. Klance14 is taking shipping to a whole new level.

In a nutshell, the studio that animates "Voltron: Legendary Defender," Studio Mir, recently held a tour of their studio. A fan took unauthorized pictures of confidential storyboards and sketches and put them on the internet where they then quickly spread through Tumblr and Twitter.

Many fans who shared the photos agreed to take them down at the request of the studio. Stubborn Tumblr user Klance14, however, has refused to delete the leaked pictures.

Many Voltron fans know and ship "Klance," a fantasized relationship between protagonists Keith and Lance. Essentially, Klance14 is demanding that the creators make Klance an actual relationship on the show and is threatening the studio if they don't comply with his/her demands.

That being said... what the quiznak, Klance14? Are you kidding me?Just because you really want the ship to be canon doesn't give you the right to blackmail Studio Mir into giving you what you want. I'm not sure you're even thinking what you're doing through all the way. I mean, alright. I get it. You want canon Klance. So do me and a lot of other Voltron fans, if I'm being honest with you. Surely, though, you don't realize the magnitude of what you're doing? If you don't, I'm happy to inform you.

You're putting people's jobs at risk. If Studio Mir can't get all of these pictures down, they could face lawsuits from DreamWorks.

You could get arrested. Blackmailing is a felony crime, punishable by up to a year in prison and substantial fines. Not to mention the fact that you'd likely be hit by additional charges as well, which would only increase your prison sentence.

You're painting a big fat target on your back for a horde of angry fans. The "Supernatural" and "Steven Universe" fandoms are proven examples of how intense fans can get when a number of them have a vendetta against something or someone. The "Voltron" fandom grows ever larger, and if I were you, I would be scared out of my wits.

Now, this is sad Lance. One could say he is sad because his lion was just stolen by a chick he had a crush on.

Or, one could say that he's sad because you're trying to do this to him. You're trying to chain him to a weird alien tree on a weird alien planet in the middle of weird alien space because you're a selfish "fan" that's holding the creators of "Voltron: Legendary Defender" hostage with their own characters. You're trying to keep him rooted to this one spot and force him into a relationship, when instead, he could be out saving the universe.

Take a good look at his precious Cuban face, Klance14, because this is what you want to happen.

Do you know what it's like, to have something that you worked so hard on for the sole purpose of sharing and making people happy, to have that held over your head because someone's throwing a hissy fit? I can't even begin to imagine how that feels, and yet that's exactly what you're doing to Studio Mir, Dreamworks and Netflix.

Really, Klance14, you're not changing anything. Voltron season three is set to release in the first week of August, so Studio Mir couldn't change anything even if they wanted to. All you're doing is causing harm. You're making our favorite paladins sad. You're making Voltron fans look bad. And, you're straining the relationship between DreamWorks and Studio Mir. As Ian Miles Cheong of "Heatstreet" writes, "Creators should never be held hostage by their audience, much less a hostile audience that demands to be pandered to." If you were an actual fan of the show and of the people that work hard to create it, you'd never even consider doing something so abhorrent.

It's true, you might just be a troll that's getting a kick out of all of this. If that's the case... just stop. You're the only one that's laughing at a joke that isn't even funny.

Cover Image Credit: Studio Mir and DreamWorks

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Cover Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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A Love Letter To My True Love: Coffee

You are my rock, my world and the one my heart beats for.


I think about you quite often. As a matter of fact, you're the first thing on my mind each morning. The sweet smell, the strong taste and the rush you give me are unlike anything else. I remember there used to be a time when I didn't fully appreciate you. I was so naive then, I didn't understand just how much I really needed you.

Where do I begin with you? You make me feel alive. Every morning after I wake up, you know how to bring the life back to me. It's almost as if you're a rush of adrenaline. No matter what anyone says, I love the way you're so strong. I know this has scared others away in the past, but to me you're perfect.

Did I mention how I love your versatility? You never seize to amaze me with how well you mesh in different atmospheres. Whether you're served iced, steamed, or pressed, you still kill it.

You're also never too far out of reach. You make yourself so available for me at all times, I know better than to take you for granted. You know me so well. Whenever I'm feeling unmotivated, you always know how to pick me back up again. You've always been great at that. Whether it's an early morning or late night of studying; I know you're the best study partner.

To me, your love is like a drug. No matter how much I hate to admit it, it's hard for me to stop loving you so much. I've even caught myself passing limits with you, but sometimes I can't help myself. Even my bank account won't stop me from coming back time and time again.

Thank you, coffee, for everything. You've made some of my best days even better. You've helped me when I've needed you the most. No shortage of sleep or long night will ever stand between us. I love you and remember, never stop being you.


A "semi" coffee addict.

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