30 Questions Only Vine Addicts Can Answer In 6 Seconds Or Less

30 Questions Only Vine Addicts Can Answer In 6 Seconds Or Less

You: *gets 30/30* Guy: "Wow"

Though we've poured one out for our friend Vine nearly a year ago, the threads, references and laughs live on. Whether you were a casual Vine user or a complete fanatic, speaking in Vine references is pretty much its own language these days. But can you pass the ultimate Vine references quiz to prove you're cultured in the best 6-second jokes on the Internet? Let's see.

1. This man was frightened and could have dropped something. What was it?

2. Somebody threw some paper. What does it mean for their mom if they were the one who threw it?

3. What TV show's emotional scene is being danced at in this Vine?

4. This guy is VERY impressed with what a woman at a party just did. What was she doing?

5. What restaurant is this guy welcoming you to?

6. Mother trucker! This dude needs to watch his "profamity." What does he claim the incident hurt like?

7. Jared has never learned how to read. How old is he?

8. This adult virgin thinks the feminists are taking over. Why?

9. What musical artist is not playing in the background of this Vine? (Hint: He loves her.)

10. What word is this child spelling?

11. This man slams his phone and breaks his skateboard. Why is this?

12. What mode is this dude on?

13. This speaker has one question ... What is it?

14. Because his sister is convinced he's smoking weed, she calls the cops. What appliance does she use to dial 911?

15. What is this bad Frisbee-thrower's name?

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16. On all levels except physical, what animal is this man?

17. What musical artist is this guy (and Jordan) going to see?

18. What dairy product does a woman claim this man needs?

19. Where has this dude never went?

20. This guy is definitely going to get in trouble ... What is his name?

21. Janet is having some sort of party that this guy is NOT going to. What kind of party is it?

22. This man wants a girl who looks and talks a certain way. What does he want her to look and talk like?

23. Actually, Megan, this girl can't sit anywhere. Why is that?

24. If he doesn't get his grades up, what is his mom not going to let him do?

25. This girl says you can be whatever you want to be. What example does she give?

26. What does this guy want to be, baby?

27. This man is yelling at someone ... What is that person's name?

28. This girl is talking about two people. What is the relationship between those people?

29. What is this really handsome kid's name?

30. Who did this guy's boyfriend hang out with last night?


1. Croissant, 2. She's a hoe, 3. American Horror Story, 4. Vaping, 5. Chilis, 6. A buttcheek on a stick, 7. 19, 8. 4 female ghostbusters, 9. Ke$ha, 10. Iridocyclitis, 11. No head, 12. X games mode, 13. Why, 14. Microwave, 15. Richard, 16. Wolf, 17. Uncle Kraker, 18. Milk, 19. Ovoo Javer, 20. Zack, 21. Baby shower, 22. Minion, 23. She has hemorrhoids, 24. His tetanus shot, 25. Dog, 26. Cowboy, 27. Kyle, 28. Roommates, 29. Junior 30. Beth

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Love: the dirty little secret nobody wants to share about it

And how it affected my life

The feeling of being in love is magical.  It is life-altering. It allows us to see the world differently.  Suddenly, we feel as though there is nothing we can't do!  We have confidence abundant and find ourselves smiling nearly all the time.  We are thinking of that special person all the time, looking for a text or missed call from them and utterly distracted from everything else in our world!  All we want is to be with that individual, to hear about what has happened in their day, to talk to them about anything and everything.  

At least that's how it was for me.  At first. 

But, the truth of the matter is that being IN love is not LOVE.  Love is something greater, something deeper, something much less superficial and more bittersweet.  Love requires every bit of your heart, mind, soul, and strength.  To make something work with another person is insanely difficult.  To commit to them day-in and day-out when they are driving us absolutely bonkers is absolutely terrifyingly hard.  To commit to them when they are struggling and when their world is falling apart, now THAT is the stuff of miracles.  

Love is hard.  And it should be.  Nothing worth having is ever easy.  I truly and wholeheartedly believe that.  

And yet, people do it, day-in and day-out they commit themselves to another person in this scary, unpredictable world.  They show up day after day.  They are in the game for the long haul and do not hide or run away.  

I thought I was one of those people. I thought I was one of the ones who was totally honest, who never hid or ran away, one of the ones who "got" it.  As it turns out, I'm not.  

The truth of the matter is love doesn't always look like love.  Depending on what a person has been through and how they process and walk through life it can look very different.  For me, when I realized how loved I was and how much I loved that person back, my world fell apart. I could NOT handle it. I couldn't handle the immensity of my feelings nor his so I did what anybody would logically do, I ran and I pushed and I hid.  In essence, I sabotaged my relationship because it scared me.  

The depth of my feelings were too much for me to handle.  Rather than admit that and acknowledge that struggle and work through it, I pushed him away.  I pushed and pushed and pushed because quite frankly, I didn't know what else to do.  As someone who prides herself on vulnerability and honesty, I was shocked to discover that I, in fact, was terrified about being vulnerable and honest about good things, positive things, important new and exciting things.  I can be vulnerable in my weakness all day long, but being vulnerable to others about those things that touch my heart, those good qualities I have, those things that make my heart happy, that has NEVER been easy for me.  

You see, working with kids for years I have discovered that they are always seeking love.  They seek love and approval.  However, the ones who need love the most, who are in the most difficult of circumstances can often ask for this love in ways that don't look at all loving.  These kids are the ones who pull at my heartstrings.  And truth be told, I think I finally know why.  I think I gravitate towards them because I see myself in their actions.  I see myself in the way that they seem to self-sabotage, to be incapable of handling positive emotions and reactions.  The truth is that we all carry on patterns we learned as children and, as such, there is most definitely an adult version of the child who asks for love and shows love by hitting or throwing or screaming. 

I, my friends, am that person.  That adult. 

The dirty little secret nobody tells you about love is that it doesn't always look like love.  Sometimes love looks like grief, sometimes sadness, sometimes extreme disapproval and dislike, sometimes joy and laughter.  Love, like people, cannot be placed in a box.  It cannot be defined nor can we judge any other human being's experience of it.  Let us seek not to define or explain, but simply to walk alongside others in their journey because the truth is, every person is doing the absolute best they can with the knowledge and skills they have in THAT moment.  Let us be people of grace and understanding, rather than judgement and disapproval.  And believe me, I'm preaching this more to myself than anyone else!

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What If

Have you ever thought about it?

What if you loved me the same you did 2 years ago? What if I made you as happy as she does? What if I was as pretty as her? What if I was different? What if I changed who I was? What if you never met her, would you still be with me? What if you came back after I begged for you to? What if you loved me the same amount as I loved you? What if you cared like I did?

These thoughts have gone through my head multiply times. We have so many questions that will never be answered. All of these "What if" questions, will only be "What if". That's all they will ever be. Some questions, are not meant to be answered. Sometimes you don't even want the answer, cause you're to afraid to know the truth. I know I am afraid to know the truth. I don't want to know what went through your head when all of this went through mine.

What if you were still here? What if I listened and done everything right? What if I never met you? What if I didn't message you first?

Would it be different, if I knew the answers to all of these questions? More than likely, everything would still be the same. You still would have left, you still would have found her, you still would have fell in love with someone else. Not everything is a fairytale, hearts are sometimes meant to be broken. It makes you a more stronger person and it helps you develop as a person. Not everything goes as planned, but everything happens for a reason. That's what you said at least.

What if I listened to everyone when they said not to go for you? What if I left? What if I broke your heart?

What if

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