If 'The Vampire Diaries' Cast Were Bloodsucking College Majors
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If 'The Vampire Diaries' Cast Were Bloodsucking College Majors

College bites even more when you do too.

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In light of Netflix announcing that it will be removing supernatural TV show "The Vampire Diaries" from its streaming service for certain countries, I thought a little recollection was in order. As if college isn't frightening enough, things that go bump in the night make it petrifying and even fatal. While some main characters actually attended higher education and an even less number actually graduating, here are the characters represented as college majors.

1. Elena Gilbert: Pre-Med

While Elena initially wanted to become a writer after receiving her first journal and encouragement from her adoptive mother, she follows in her adoptive father/uncle's footsteps, becoming an actual doctor in the series flash-forward. Empathetic and compassionate, Elena does everything in her power to do what is right and help people in need. As she actually chooses the degree at Whitmore College, pre-med only seems right to represent the Doppelgänger.

2. Stefan Salvatore: Creative Writing

The guy has already been writing in his journal for only his extensively long life. With all the things that have happened in his lifetime, he could write a series of best-selling novels or perhaps come up with his new ideas. Either way, Stefan is an excellent writer who needed for other people to read his words other than his closest friends.

3. Damon Salvatore: Risk Management

Impulsive and extremely emotional, the eldest Salvatore brother tends to make split-second decisions that he ends up regretting or ruin his relationship with others. Damon doesn't always realize it, but sometimes he needs to step back and evaluate the situation and possibles outcomes. What better college major than risk management?

4. Jeremy Gilbert: Graphic Design

Although gifted in hunting down supernaturals and killing them, the youngest Gilbert also had a major talent in visual crafts. He was regularly seen in much of the first season either doodling or sketching. He says that he is actually going to school for art while he is carrying on "business" with supernaturals in season six. With a knack for being killed and then resurrected numerous times, if he ever wants to settle down and actually go to college, he could totally get in for art.

5. Jenna Sommers: Hospitality

Taking over the "adult" role rather quickly after Elena and Jeremy's parents died, Aunt Jenna was still a graduate psychology student and had a job as a realtor to keep money rolling in.

6. Caroline Forbes: Double in Broadcast Journalism and Theater

Like the control-freak overachiever Caroline is, she would definitely double major. The blonde vampire expressed interested in broadcast journalism in season one of the series and actually majored in theater in Whitmore College, eventually becoming a television producer and journalist.

7. Bonnie Bennett: Occult Studies

Being a witch, it is only natural (or supernatural?) that Bonnie dive into the world of occult studies. Her grandmother taught the subject at Whitmore College before she died and the position was later passed onto Atticus Shane and then Alaric Saltzman. While Bonnie is a powerful supernatural coming from a significant bloodline, it wouldn't hurt to strengthen her knowledge of the crazy world she lived in.

8. Matt Donovan: Criminal Justice

As the token non-supernatural human for most of the series, Matt needed a way to defend himself and his hometown of Mystic Falls. He became a deputy and later sheriff of the Mystic Falls police force after the death of Caroline's mother. Even though typical guns don't really cause any damage against the supernaturals he faces, he protects them with all he can.

9. Alaric Saltzman: History

A graduate of esteemed Duke University, Alaric Saltzman became the history teacher at Mystic Falls High School, getting wrapped up in all the mystic mess. He has intricate knowledge of vampires even before he actually confirmed their existence through his ex-wife's research.

10. Tyler Lockwood: Kinesiology

Tyler has had a lot of weird things going on in his body. Becoming a werewolf, then a hybrid, then back to a human, and the whole process all over again. He also regularly worked out because of his werewolf/hybrid status, making him calm. He would want to understand his body and others better.

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