There are several types of hair, from thick to thin, from blonde to black, and from straight to curly. Personally, I have really thick curly blonde hair. As I grew up, there were so many reasons I didn't like my hair. Anything from it's ability to defy gravity( yes, I made that reference) to it's refusal to stay in place.


1. It never stays in place

I swear that top layer defies gravity.

2. Frizz is always a thing

Every day, especially when it's humid- or hot or windy.

3. Don't brush it, like, ever

It will grow to twice it's size if you do; just let it be tangled, or brush it with your fingers if you must.

4. Needing several hair ties

Bobby pins don't work, and only strong hairspray or mousse can touch it.

5. Getting it cut properly

The curls cause it to bounce up at least an inch, so you've got to be very careful with how it's cut. Finding a stylist you trust is important.

It's not all bad though. There are some reasons to enjoy having this kind of hair.


1. Not needing a hair tie

Not always, but there are times when you braid it and it'll just stay. Apparently, the curls will self-tangle and the braid, or the bun, that I put it in will stay for a while on its own.

2. All the compliments when it looks good

When you get it to look right and your friends notice, it really makes your day.

3. When your curls are organized- everything is perfection

When everything sits perfectly, and your hair listens, it makes your day so much better.

4. There's always enough volume

It never sits flat anyway, but when you put it up your ponytail always has a lot of volume.

5. Getting the perfect haircut and rocking it

When the hairdresser understands and cuts it perfectly for you, so you look even better than you hoped.

No matter what it looks like or how it behaves, everyone has a different experience.