My grandmother was married by the age of 18, and my Nana was married by the age of 20. At the age of 22, I have recently felt pressure from an unspoken timeline of my future marriage established by those who came before me.

My mother got married soon after turning 27, but still found her career after marriage. Even in 2016, people are pressured to find their significant other to be deemed accomplished and complete in life. However, I am fully committed to finding a path of my own.

I graduated in May. The first two questions I am asked by people are: “When are you going to get a husband?” and “Do you have a good job?” I have a job, but not a career. I am making money to pay the bills, but not enough to let me stand on my own two feet. I am going through the motions of working, but not being pushed out of my comfort zones to reach my fullest potential. I want to be happy with myself and set on a path for a career.

Women and men in their twenties too frequently jump into something that will get them out of the house and money in the bank. Most of the people I know are basing their careers and career locations off of their boyfriends, fiancés or husbands. However, from what I've witnessed so far, they end up miserable and lose their passion for what they went to school for. I am taking this time to be selfish and explore the different opportunities in my career field wherever they may take me in the world.

I want to be able to go home every day and feel like I accomplished something other people and our planet will benefit from. Sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical fashion is where I see myself developing a career and pursuing my passions. The unspoken timeline established by those who came before me is no longer hanging over me. I feel that I cannot commit to and add to another person until I have reached my career goals. So, until then, I am committed to finding a career before finding a man.