A few weeks ago I introduced you guys to a new song by the Unlikely Candidates, an alternative rock group from Texas, called "Oh My Dear Lord". I sat down with them and asked about their plans for the future as well as their new song "Oh My Dear Lord". You can read the interview with the band here if you like. Now after a few weeks since the release of the lyric video they've released the official music video for the song!

The video itself echoes their lyric video as the band members float around submerged in water, one hundred dollar bills, and sheets of paper displaying their lyrics. The dark and edgy music video parallels the song in the background making for a spellbinding video that keeps you watching until the very end. This video takes the viewer on a journey all the while keeping up the band's alternative rock appearance.

When asked what their newest video means the band summed it up well saying, "Oh My Dear Lord thematically and sonically goes from sweeping wistful verses to explosive redemptive choruses. We wanted something that reflected that dramatically in a video. Water has that dynamic tension. It can be soft and ethereal or crushing and chaotic. This video capitalized off that contrast and made for a perfect pairing visually for 'Oh My Dear Lord." - The Unlikely Candidates

Published on March 8th, the video is available for your viewing pleasure on youtube, which you can access by clicking here. So, if you haven't already checked out these guys, now would be the perfect opportunity! Happy listening!