Everyone who is in college or has gone to college in the past couple of years know that colleges do several unfair things to the students.

1. Having to buy books:

The biggest problem college students with schools are most likely the price of books. Not only are books incredibly expensive they also only do you good for a semester. After that, you can sell them back to the bookstore for a fraction of the cost or try and sell it to someone else(still for a fraction of the price). Another thing about books is the fact that a lot of times you can end up not using the book in class, and you usually find this out through the class or sadly the first day.

2. Access codes

Right along the frustration of buying books is the frustration of buying access codes. Honestly, why is it a thing to make college students buy online work? It's not like any paper is going into the access codes, and really everyone buys them so they can do their homework. I never use my access code to learn the material.

3. The price of Dorms

This doesn't necessarily apply to all college students, but for freshmen, you are forced to rent a small dorm that could be the same price of a fully furnished apartment made especially for students.

4. The pressure of getting ready for next semester

It seems like in college you are always getting ready for the next semester. Around a month in a half before the end of the year, the college is already talking about the following fall semester. I honestly don't understand why people are already stressing about August when it is only March.

5. Meal Plans

Meal plans just don't make sense to me. Why doesn't the school just allow kids to buy the food with normal money at a slightly discounted price rather than forcing them to buy expensive meal plans? I understand that some kids have a tendency to use their money and forget they need food money for the week, but if that's the case then we should at least have cheaper meal plan options.

Honestly, college is full of great experiences and I'm happy to be a part of the adventures it brings. However, I'm also tired of the stress that is not fair. In my opinion colleges need to work harder to relieve some of the stress that is thrusted on students, that way grades and life are sure to excel.