The Ultimate Summer Workout

Have you been searching for the perfect summer body? Well, look no further with this ultimate workout to help you get into shape. Summer is just right around the corner, so don't wait anymore and start today. It is very important to not adapt to crash dieting and extreme workouts. Get into shape this summer in a healthy way.

If you are serious about losing weight, make sure to clean up your diet and take the time to recover. It's not healthy to only focus on burning calories and working out for hours and hours. Start adapting to a more quality workout along with unprocessed food into your diet. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and get enough sleep for the night!

Workout 1


At home

20 sit-ups

20 Russian twists

20-sec plank

5 back extensions

20 scissors

At the gym

Warmup: run 1 mile

Arms workout: 3 sets of each workout/60 sec duration/15 lbs dumbbell

Bent over rows

Triceps overhead press

Triceps Dips

Dumbbell biceps curl to shoulder press

Leg workout: 3 sets of each workout/10 reps/ 15 lbs dumbbell


Calf Raises


Wall Sits

Butt workout: 3 sets of each workout/10 reps/ 15 lbs dumbbell




Workout 2


5 sets/30 sec: Jump Rope

3 sets/15 reps: Leg Press

3 sets/10 reps/30-40 sec rest: Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 sets/8 reps: Dumbbell Sumo Squats

3 sets/12 reps: Machine Leg Curl

3 sets/15 reps/30-40 sec rest: Dumbbell Front Raise

3 sets/6 reps: Dumbbell Step-Ups (Each Leg)

3 sets/10 reps: Dumbbell Upright Row

3 sets/25 reps: Stability Ball Crunch

30-sec plank

3 sets/20 reps: Crunches

Workout 3


At home

10 Push-ups

10 Squats

10 Sit-ups

At the gym

Warmup: Run a mile

3 sets/ 30 sec Jump Rope

Arms workout: 3 sets/15 reps

Arm circles


Triceps Cable Down

Leg workout:

Jump squats

Leg Raises



40 reps Dumbbell Chest Ups

3 sets/15 reps Triceps Overhead Press

Workout 4


4 sets/5 reps/ 60 sec rest


Bench Press

Bulgarian Split Squat

Cable Rows

30 sec of each workout/15 sec rest



Mountain Climbers


3 sets/10 reps

Leg Press

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Sumo Squats

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Workout 5


At home

20 butt bridges

20-sec right side plank

20-sec left side plank

20 vertical leg crunches

At the gym

Warmup: Run a mile


3 sets/ 10 reps/15 lbs Dumbbells

Back rows

Front extensions



2 sets/10 reps/15 lbs Dumbbells

25 squats

10 lunges

15 step ups


20 plank back kicks

20 leg raises

20 split squats

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