Here's Your Ultimate Summer Bucket List

As everyone knows, school is really, really stressful. That's why we have summer, right?! Here are a few bucket list items you need to add to make your summer the best detox from exams and stress!

1. Be a tourist in your own city

To be honest, staycations are my favorite. Being able to explore the city or town you grew up in is an amazing experience. Eat at all of the local and favorite restaurants, shop in some of your city's favorite shops, and go to some of the favorite tourist locations! Make sure to go to some of the places that aren't as known but just as amazing as the well-known places.

2. Concerts

Concerts are the ultimate summer experience. There are many good artists touring this summer like Jon Bellion, Shawn Mendes, Khalid, Queen, the Jonas Brothers, Ariana Grande, and more! Check Ticketmaster and venues to see who is coming to a city near you!

3. Camping

I know not everyone is a big fan of camping, and honestly, I am not either, but if you are surrounded by some people that bring you joy, then it will be a thrill of a time! Grab a tent, or maybe just stay in a car or hotel, and enjoy the great outdoors. You can make some s'mores, tell stories, and spend the night in nature. Look up some campsites near you, or you can even just go in a field or a backyard!

4. Drive-in movies

Yes, drive-in movies deserve all of the hype. They are one of my favorite things about summer, especially the triple features! Grab some friends, a few chairs, a car or truck, some good snacks, and other goodies, and drive on over to the nearest drive-in theatre!

5. DIY

DIY projects are always a fun and creative way of decorating your room or home! Go on Pinterest, or even search online for some cool projects to spruce up your living space this summer! Paint on a canvas, make some bracelets, decorate your room with some hanging flowers, or even make a chair! With DIY-ing, the world is endless!

6. Ultimate baking challenge

A lot of people I know like to have baking challenges, and I think they are the best idea ever! Grab some friends and pick out something, in general, you want to make. For example, a cake, cupcakes, or casserole. Then, divide into teams, go shopping for ingredients, and have a baking challenge! After making your creation, have a judge taste test it, and see who made the winning dish. This is a fun way to make some great memories with friends!

7. Go to an amusement park

The name says it all! Amusement parks are my family's go-to whenever we want to do something exciting and fun. The thrill of rollercoasters and merry-go-rounds always bring smiles to people's faces. Look at cities around you to find a park, and if you can't, make a mini-vacation out of it and go to an amusement park in a different city!

Grab some friends and go have some fun!

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