The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide
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The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide

Sometimes, dads can be the most complicated people to shop for.

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide

Gift giving is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love to do my research on a person's likes and dislikes in order to perfectly execute the best gifts on the special days of my loved ones. I would even say I'm pretty talented in the area of gift giving... except for when it comes to my dad.

My dad is absolutely wonderful in every way, however he is probably the hardest person to shop for on the planet. Totally surprising him almost never works out because of his pickiness about most things. He likes to pick out his own clothes, and usually doesn't love the things my family tries to get for him. And when asked for ideas on what to get him, his response is always, "I don't want anything." While that response is incredibly frustrating, I can usually find something my dad enjoys with a little investigative research, planning ahead of time, and creativity. To save anyone else in a similar situation, I've created a list of ten gift ideas perfect for any hard-to-shop for man in your life. Happy gift giving!

Subscription to a TV/Movie Service

My dad is a sucker for movie nights. But, there's rarely any good ones on cable, and DVDs are a thing of the past. Our Netflix subscription is truly one of my dad's favorite purchases! If you already have Netflix, you could look into Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Sinemia. If paying a monthly subscription rate is too much, go with a gift card to one of these services! It's a great way to see if the subscription service you picked is a good fit.

Home Speaker

If your dad loves music, a speaker would be a great option! He can play his favorite songs while doing the household chores, or while doing anything outside. There are so many great speaker options to check out. Brands like Bose, Amazon Echo, and Google Home are great, but there are cheaper ones at your local Target or Walmart that are still great quality!

Sunglasses Strap

One of the best and cheapest gifts ever!! My dad loves his sunglasses, but they constantly fall of his head, and he's not the type of person to wear them hanging off his shirt collar. This little contraption hooks onto the ends of your sunglasses, so you can wear them around your neck and not have to fear losing or dropping them! Oakley and Costa makes these, but the unbranded ones will work perfectly as well.

Books on Tape

My dad has to travel for work a good bit, and his playlist gets old after a while. He's a big fan of books on tape, and I think this gift idea is super simple but thoughtful! Find out your dad's favorite authors and/or books and head to your local bookstore! And if you don't know your dad's favorites, ask for a recommendation, or pick out something that looks interesting.

TV Series Box Set

Some of my dad's favorite TV shows have been taken off Netflix, or were never on any streaming service to begin with. Getting a box set of your dad's favorite TV show, or one he used to like when he was younger is a great gift! Most BestBuys have a huge selection of TV series, and if not, ordering online is also an option.

Framed Family Photos

Honestly, you cannot go wrong with this option. Framing a family photo or two is simple and fairly cheap, yet so meaningful. Your dad will have a cute picture of his family to put on his bedside table or desk at work! Printing photos from Walgreens or Walmart is so cheap, and finding a good frame is too!

Tool Set

What dad doesn't love tinkering with anything around the house that needs fixing? A new tool set would be a great option if your dad loves to fix things like mine does. Lowes and Home Depot have a lot of great options, and some great sales associates that can help, if you're totally out of your element like I would be!

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are great for anyone, especially dads! They can be cheap or expensive, just depending on the type you get and where you get it from. I recommend one that is your dad's favorite color, or one with his favorite sports team's logo on it! Baseball caps are perfect to wear anywhere, and your dad definitely will if you get it for him!

Handheld Massager

My dad will complain to us about his back or shoulders hurting a good amount. A handheld massager is a perfect gift, and might I add the one I picked out for my dad this year! It's practical, and he will definitely get lots of use out of it! These things can get a little expensive, but I recommend looking online or at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for some that are great quality, but a little more in budget.

A Day Playing Golf

An experience gift is one of the best things to get for your dad! If yours is like mine, and loves to golf, pay for him to go play golf one afternoon! He'll get to spend some time out of the house, and doing something he loves! Check out the golf courses near you to see their rates and how to go about getting this gift.

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