The Truth About Cranston Marche
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The Truth About Cranston Marche

A Gonzo Story

The Truth About Cranston Marche

For my journalism class I had to write a gonzo story and I chose to write it about Cranston! If you've ever had a terrible Cranston story, share this article and talk about your terrible story!

Cranston Marche

On the campus of SUNY Fredonia there is one place to eat that tends to have a bad reputation and that would-be Cranston Marche. It has been known for making people sick and having poorly made food. Today for dinner I decided to try some of the food and see how bad it really is.

When you first walk into Cranston Marche you see that there are a lot of places to sit and almost all of them were full when I went. If the food is so bad, then why do so many people eat there? One of the only tables that were open was dirty and filled with pieces of food. Whoever sat there before must have not wanted to clean up their mess or the workers there did not do a good job cleaning up the tables.

There were many different options to eat if you don’t have any food restrictions. If you’re vegan or even vegetarian there are very limited options. There is a main course that is different every day. When I looked at the main course it didn’t look very good at all and I didn’t want to try it at all, so I didn’t. I have been to Cranston Marche before and have tried a lot of the foods. The chicken they have made to order is very good. The pizza is okay and is very small pieces. There is a fruit selection and sometimes the fruit is fresh but other times they’re sad looking and mushy.

The food that’s the best is the deserts. They have made to order ice cream and other deserts near the fruit. For my meal, today I had the taco bar and the vegetable soup. It has been about an hour since I ate my meal and my stomach is doing okay so far.

As for the environment of Cranston Marche, it was very loud and students seemed not to care as much about cleaning up. Most of the tables were left messy with crumbs and other types of food. The floors also weren’t very clean. I had my boyfriend eat at Cranston Marche for the first time. He had some nachos, pizza and ice cream. He says the nachos were better than the pizza, but the pizza still was good. He wishes that the pizza was less cardboard like with thicker crust and was bigger. He liked the ice cream the most and wished he had more now.

Cranston is a different experience for everyone based off what you order and what food restrictions you may have. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian you will have a harder time finding options to eat but there are some such as the fruit and vegetarian soup. Also, if you have a food allergy you might have to ask the chefs what kind of oils they cook with or what ingredients are in a certain dish. Overall, it’s not a terrible experience eating at Cranston Marche. It does have some flaws but it’s not too bad for being a place to eat on a college campus.

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