"Treat yourself" is a phrase heard fairly often today. "Parks and Recreation" made the phrase popular in 2011 when two characters spent an entire day treating themselves to life's luxuries. As a college student, I can say that I've used this term many times, usually treating myself to ice cream or clothes. Other people in my life have even encouraged this habit:

"I had a bad day today."

"Really? Lets go shopping. Treat yourself."

I've become so used to using this term that I've made it a habit to treat myself whenever anything happens in my life. Think you've done poorly on a test? Treat yourself. Nervous for final exams? Treat yourself. Saw a puppy today? Treat yourself. Ate chicken nuggets? Treat yourself to more chicken nuggets. I've treated myself so much that it has become a pretty expensive habit. As I've started saving my money for other things, I realized that treating yourself is more than just spending money on yourself.

A professor of mine once told me that you should do something nice for yourself every day. Examples could be taking a walk to clear your mind, watching an episode of your favorite TV show, jamming out to a great band, painting a canvas or even calling a friend that you haven't spoken to in a while.

Treating yourself is not about wasting money on a scoop of raspberry chocolate chip ice cream or buying five $40 dresses, it is about creating a happy and healthy you. The treats that keep me happy include singing loudly to my favorite songs, petting kittens and watching "New Girl." A new pair of heels can't make me laugh or warm my heart, but it sure can take a toll on my bank account.

I'm not saying that sweets and your favorite stores are forbidden, but keep in mind that there are little things you can do for yourself to keep sane. Your mental health is significant and sometimes spending too much money doesn't actually make you feel better after a bad day. Don't treat yourself because you're stressed out, treat yourself because you are a lovely person who should be happy. Realizing that you are important and worthy of love and support is yet another way to be healthy. Be kind to yourself every day, because you deserve to be the happiest you.