The Transfer Application Process as told by Michael Scott
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Student Life

The Transfer Application Process as told by Michael Scott

Because only "the World's Best Boss" could tell it best.

The Transfer Application Process as told by Michael Scott
The Office-isms

It's no surprise that the college process is simultaneously exhaustingly overwhelming, and extremely gratifying. However, when you opt to undergo the process all over again, it at times seems like the portion that is overwhelming completely swamps the other. It's difficult to put the rocky experience of the transfer process into words, so I've found than non-other than Michael Scott can speak for the transfer community.

Here are the many emotions/experiences/feelings of participating in the college transfer process:

When you come home and relatives won't stop asking you how college is going, and you want to say this

But instead you do this:

"It's going great, grandma!"

Strolling into information sessions like you own the place.

After all, you did spend three years on a process that ultimately got you to a place you dislike–so your judgement shouldn't be questioned.

Reaching a new analytical level on your supplemental essays.

When admissions offices say that they expect transfer students to have their intended majors/career aspirations figured out.

What do you want us to do? To promise that we have bright futures AND hopes and dreams? Ridiculous.

Spending all of Winter Break writing application essays.

...but you really cannot complain because this time

Getting so caught up thinking about where you'll be next year that you start disliking your current school even more.

When college's ask why they should accept you.

Please believe me!

Checking for your admissions decision every hour of every day, only to be disappointed every. single. time.

...and when a school changes or misses its release date that you've been looking forward to for the last 3 months.

...and watching from your computer screen as High school seniors post their acceptances and you still know nothing.

BUT when you finally get THE EMAIL.

And you get accepted!

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

and Phase 3:

And yes, it really is like this.

But when you realize being accepted means leaving your new college friends.

Because you may not have learned to love your school, but you sure did learn to love your friends. you will stay close.

(Not from the Office, but the GIF was too perfect)

And when you realize that you did it and that you are OUT OF HERE!

Close enough.

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