Don't Go To UAB If You Can't Deal With These 10 Things
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Student Life

Don't Go To UAB If You Can't Deal With These 10 Things

You can't handle being a Blazer.

Don't Go To UAB If You Can't Deal With These 10 Things
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College life as a student at UAB has been the best year of my life and I cannot wait to see what the rest of my time here proves me, however, this life is not for just anyone. Do not step foot in BHM if you cannot handle these 10 things:

1. The colors

Green and Gold. As a natural redhead, I sure do enjoy seeing these colors parading around campus like a green and gold mutated flood. However, if you cannot deal with these gorgeous and unique colors, then you're just not cut out to be a blazer.

2. We just got our football program back after having it revoked in early 2014

So if you cannot handle overly-excited football players, crazy fans, pretty cheerleaders and dancers that can leap and jump so high that their toes basically touch Jupiter, outrageous screams, plastic pom-poms rattling in your ears and messing up your hair, and stick-on blazer face tattoos, don't come here.

3. The first two weeks of school, there is food literally everywhere, and I really do mean EVERYWHERE!!

From food trucks, to Steel City Pops stands, to some random strangers wearing a UAB shirt just handing you a blue cup of tea that changes colors when it's hot and cold, UAB always has your appetite and thirst under control. Soooo, if you don't want to pig-out or drink those hot summer days walking to class away, then stay away.

4. UAB has AWESOME Greek Life Chapters that you can rush.

The College Panhellenic Council Sororities include: Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Gamma, Sigma Kappa and the newest one, Kappa Delta!

The Interfraternity Council Fraternities include: Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Chi, and Phi Gamma Delta!

There are also various historically African American sororities and fraternities to choose from and there's also Multi-cultural sororities and fraternities here, too!

If you can't deal with so many awesome things to chose from then maybe you shouldn't apply nor transfer here!

5. UAB is EXTREMELY welcoming and diverse when it comes to their students.

In 2009, UAB was ranked number 3 in the nation for diverse student population in the Princeton Review's Best Colleges. (btw, that's pretty dang good)

Plus, everybody here is so nice and different and you definitely get a good variety of people from around the world anywhere you go on campus.

If you are a homebody or a recluse, then stay home because it's not even worth it if you try to come here because you just wouldn't understand us.

6. We have a $35 million dollar Student Center that we all call "The Hill" where you can have or do anything that your little heart desires.

There's a Starbucks, a Panera Bread, a Full Moon Barbeque and a little Chinese joint called Mein Bowl where you can divulge all of your crazy cravings in this one building. Also, there is a game room, study rooms, comfy chairs and ballrooms where various organizations host free social events. And guess what? There's always free food and drinks there, too.

So once, again, you can't handle putting on a few pounds or the costly price you pay from drinking 4 straight shots of espresso every day during finals week, then you shouldn't even be able to look at the Hill.

7. We have this huge, magical place where you can relax in between classes or just hangout any time of the week. This place is called the Green.

The green is so vast and... well, green. There are countless trees you can hook your Eno up to, huge groups of people who gather to throw frisbees or catch footballs that you can ask to join and these crazy, sun-addicted girls who just can't seem to stop tanning, and I am sure that they won't care if you lay in the rays with them. Who can go wrong walking to the Green? Oh wait, maybe you. Because you just aren't cut out for all the fun the Green has to offer.

8. One word... well, two actually: the REC.

We have this outstanding, breathtaking gym and campus recreation center that we call the Rec. It has an indoor track, a two-level gym that has multiple, extremely expensive workout machines and weights, a gigantic indoor pool that has, yes ma'am, a HOT TUB, dance and yoga classes, ping-pong tables, basketball courts and so much more!

I can't tell you everything it has because maybe you don't belong here, because you can't handle what the Rec has to offer, because it's just too much for you. Oh and did I mention, all students have a free membership as long, as they are in school, to come to the Rec any time they please. Interested, yet?

9. Two Libraries that will become your very best friends: Mervyn H. Sterne and Lister Hill Libraries

Unless you are in a pre-professional program at UAB or are or will be enrolled into our Medical School, you won't be seeing much of Lister Hill. However, Mervyn H. Sterne will become your go-to, especially during finals week. Sterne, that's what we call it, (you can't call it that yet), includes numerous desktop computers that are available to any UAB student, a huge sitting area that is the home to a Heaven for your butt, COMFY CHAIRS, quiet study rooms that fit only one person, group study rooms where you can invite all of your friends from your super-stressful Anatomy class, a University Writing Center where you can get free tips and get someone who is a professional when it comes to both MLA and APA styles to read over your paper before you turn it in the following Monday at 8 a.m., oh and don't forget another Starbucks.

Sterne Library is my right-hand man. But is he yours? Oh wait, you wouldn't know. Because you don't go here because you're scared or maybe you're too obsessed with Auburn or Florida or Alabama. Well, let me just tell you. Nope, just read the last reason after this one.

10. The logo says it all: Knowledge that will change your world.

UAB has most definitely helped mature me A LOT in the past year. I know one year is not a whole lot, but man, I really do see a big difference in the "me" that I was after I graduated high schoolto the "me" that I am now, completing my freshman year of my undergraduate education. UAB has honestly made me a better me and has provided for me with such an amazing curriculum that I will carry with me, even after I complete all of my desired degrees here. The knowledge that I have had the privilege to obtain and retain thus far really has changed and ROCKED my world!

During UAB Goin' Green New Student Orientation, I was taught a chant that I will forever hold dear to my heart, "A Blazer is what a tiger ain't, what the Tide wanna be and what a Gator can't!"

(p.s., I won't reveal much more because you aren't worthy just yet. you have to decide to go here first)

Oh, and #spitfire #chooseUAB #UAB20 #goblazers :)

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