We all love to binge watch Netflix, HBO Go, or hell if you're vintage (by today's standards,) cable. Throughout my many years of binge watching, I've identified a few characters that I find hilarious, yet never seem to get enough credit. Just a disclaimer, while I do love a good series, I'm sure I'm missing some characters from series that I simply haven't watched, so feel free to comment your suggestions! Nevertheless, here are my top 10 underrated characters of all time.

1. Meredith Palmer, The Office.

Meredith is freaking hilarious and always has awesome one liners on deck.

2. Craig, Parks and Recreation.

Craig is a drama queen, and screams at the end of all of his sentences.

3. Tran, New Girl.

As Nick Miller's silent, elderly friend, Tran has the ability to get through to Nick like no one else can. Plus his lasagna apparently causes food poising. So that's a bonus.

4. Fred My Leg, Spongebob

He adds so much more to scene. Spongebob would be nothing without Fred.

5. Norma, Orange Is the New Black

As a completely silent character, Norma blew my mind when she sang Christmas tunes. Plus, her facial expressions are always on point.

6. Minkus, Boy Meets World

A bit of a throwback, Minkus, the geeky enemy of Corey Matthews is a funny lil whipper snapper.

7. Coach Tugnut, Even Stevens.

First off, his name is ridiculous, second off, I can still see him singing "Sixth Period" in the musical episode.

8. Roger, Sister Sister.

Gotta give it to him, his persistence was impressive.

9. Larry, Lizzie McGuire

Although his hygiene was subpar, he was the man for dumping this punch on Kate's head.

And finally,

10. Mose, The Office.

Mose is actually my favorite character of all time.