The Time My Dad Fainted At His Own Reflection

The Time My Dad Fainted At His Own Reflection

Yes, you read that right.

Let me just repeat it louder for those in the back (though I don't think that's possible to do in an article): my dad fainted at his own reflection.

There may be a lot of speculation as to what happened. Did he get a stroke while admiring himself in the mirror? Did the gods decide to smite him for his sins? Did he finally realize what a reflection was? Did he faint after being forced to confront the sheer ugliness of himself?

No, it was much worse than that.

With that being said, be careful; this story has been known to kill brain cells.

It was an average night in Washington D.C. My family and I had just gotten back to the hotel, and I was happy after finding a few flowers I decided to put in a plastic cup filled with water. Everybody was exhausted from a long day of walking, including me. I brushed my teeth, took a shower, set my flowers on a nightstand and went to sleep.

At around 1 a.m. my mom heard a thud. I had rolled off the bed, smacked my head on the corner of the nightstand and faceplanted on the floor. After staying there for a while, I sleepwalked back to my bed. Everything went back to normal.

At around three in the morning, my dad got up. He was thirsty and dehydrated. Stumbling around the room in the darkness of 3 a.m., his hands felt a plastic cup with water in it. Eager for some clean, fresh water, he drank whatever was in the cup.

Well, turns out the water inside wasn't very clean as he ended up drinking a few of the flowers I had picked earlier with it. After realizing he had drunk from the plastic cup with my flowers, he staggered, coughing and sputtering, to the bathroom to wash it out.

On the way there, he passed by a mirror. The light from the dimly lit hallway managed to sneak under the door, illuminating the mirror in front of him. He took a cursory glance and ended up seeing himself. As he beheld the vague outline of his reflection in the mirror, he knew what it was: an intruder.

With a crash, he fell on the floor because he thought his reflection was a burglar. He didn't even try to fight it or dial 911 (though I admit, it would've been entertaining if he started battling his reflection.) Nope. He just took one look in the mirror and fainted.

So I think we can learn a lot about how to defend ourselves with this story. When a trespasser comes in looking for money, try fainting. They might just die of laughter. Extra points if you think you are the robber and faint at yourself, (nice one dad).

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash/ Yanal Tayyem

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I'm The Girl With The 'Cool Mom'

"I'm a cool mom, not a regular mom!" - my Mom
"I would like a cheeseburger, with a side of cheeseburger, and see if they can make me a cheeseburger smoothie." - Lorelai Gilmore (a notoriously cool mom)

A cool mom really just isn't a regular mom and if you have one you'll feel me on this.

A cool mom really is just like having a real life Kris Jenner, shes a mom but also an awesome bestie at the same time! (If you aren't into the Kardashians it's basically like an episode of Gillmore Girls.)

Growing up with a cool mom means all of your friends love your mom almost as much or even more then they love you. You get used to it.

My cool mom is the perfect balance of what every other mom does and says, but she's also the greatest friend I could ever ask for.

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You can tell her everything and receive the best advice, the type of advice a friend your age just can't give.

Get yourself a mom who will whip and nae nae in the car with you.

A cool mom is someone who digs our generation's music and even sings and dances with you whenever you are together.

Oh, and my cool mom, yeah I'm definitely never embarrassed to be out in public with her, she's just that cool.

Having a cool mom who just so happens to also be beautiful just makes her even cooler.

We share makeup and clothes and shop just like friends do, but no one will give you a more honest opinion than a cool mom does.

If you have a cool mom you know all your friends are on a first name basis, 'Mrs. so and so' just doest fly around a cool mom.

Cool moms make the best DD's.

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A cool mom will always be there for you no matter what time the party ends, she'll always be there to pick your drunk self up, even if its 3am.

She'll ask you things like "so how were the boy's anyone cute?"

Don't even get her started on girl drama.

Once someone crosses you and you've told your mom about it that person will forever be on a cool moms sh*t list.

If you get really lucky your cool mom might even go out with you and your friends. Not only will she be the 'MILF' in the room but she will be the best wing woman around.

There is truly nothing better than having a cool mom, because she just gets it.

P.S. Hey Mom I know you're reading this so thanks for being cool.

Cover Image Credit: Natalie Elizabeth

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Things I Should Have Already Said To My Mom And Dad

"You are stronger than you think" — My mom


I told myself that when I moved to Auburn for my freshman year of college that I would be fine, that I would be OK without my parents over my shoulder all the time and that I could handle myself. Within the first week, I must have called my mom at least once a day every day for the simplest of things. I missed their faces and could hear their voices in my head when I made the smallest of decisions.

Now, it is the end of my first semester and though I call them a lot less, I miss them a lot more.

Some people wouldn't understand. They don't have the relationship with their parents that I have with mine. It's a love-hate thing. I love to annoy them and they say they hate it, but secretly wait for my texts and calls. They're there for me when I need the smallest of things and I don't think I've ever been more aware of just how much they support me, provide for me, and care for me. There have been many things that I've meant to say over the years that I never quite figured out how.

So this one's for them.

Dear Dad,

Throughout the last seven years, you have been giving me so much advice it could fill a book. We've had hundreds of arguments but in the end, we were still fine. You've taught me a lot of things but the most important is that failure is not an option. I remind myself every day and sometimes I have to remind my friends. It drives me to always do my best. So I know you're not used to hearing me say it, but thank you and I am grateful for all the drama that we've been through.

Dear Mom,

You continue to take care of me even though I annoy you beyond anyone you've ever known. You are the one I've always looked up to, the person I strive to be like and the person I'll always turn to for advice when it really matters. We've seen the dark side of each other and you know me better than anyone else in the world. I'm proud of you and all the things you've accomplished in life and hope that someday I can come close. I know parents always want their kids to do better than they did themselves, but if I end up like you, I think I'd be happy in life.

To Them Both,

Thank you means so little when compared to the countless things I've put you through and the things you've done for me. You have let me evolve into this semi-adult version of myself that I am today and I couldn't be happier. I'm sorry I don't come home often and call less, but I am trying to do better for myself, or at least the best I can. It's difficult at times and I hope you know I don't mean to hurt any feelings, ignore any texts or not call back. Some things are hard to keep up with, and some things I have to do on my own.

I love you both, and I'll be home soon.

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