My parents are Joyce and David Pence. My dad went to Trion High School (where I graduated from), and my mom went to Chattooga High School. They both graduated and married in 1997. My brother was born in March 1998, I was born in January 2000, and my sister was born in December 2001. We're each two years apart and usually fought tremendously, but our parents always tried their hardest to make sure we loved and cared for each other. I just want to say thank you.

Dear Mom and Dad,

1. Thank you for always putting your three children first.

2. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams.

3. Thank you for your endless love, even if we may not deserve it.

4. Thank you for the meals, birthday parties, and everything in between.

5. Thank you for laughing with me.

6. Thank you for crying with me.

7. Thank you for knocking some sense into me when I'm acting crazy.

8. Thank you for showing me that I should love myself.

9. Thank you for teaching me how to love other people.

10. Thank you for telling me when you're proud.

11. Thank you for always giving me the "I told you so" stare when I did something you told me not to.

12. Thank you for never letting me go out in public dressed terribly

13. Thank you for always laughing at me when I over dramatically hurt myself.

14. Thank you for telling me what I'm capable of.

15. Thank you for always being there for me in the good and bad times.

Thank you for giving me the life every child deserves, and thank you for being great parents. I love you both so much.

Love, Your Daughter