10 Best Places To Satisfy Your Late Night Munchies In Madtown
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10 Best Places To Satisfy Your Late Night Munchies In Madtown

Warning: Freshman 15

10 Best Places To Satisfy Your Late Night Munchies In Madtown

1. Pizza di Roma (PDR)

Located right at the center of State Street, Pizza di Roma makes arguably the best NY Style pizza in Madison. You could never go wrong choosing between their Spinach Feta, Baked Ziti, Macaroni and Cheese, or Buffalo Chicken Pizzas. The menu does not stop there; it has pastas, salads, and subs that will cure all of your cravings. You definitely will not be disappointed!

2. Ian's Pizza

It is practically impossible to talk to friends about Madison’s amazing food options without mentioning Ian’s Pizza. On late weekend nights, you can always count on Ian’s to have a line out the door. All students rave about their specialty pizzas, especially the Mac N Cheese slice. Despite being known for their unreal pizza options, Ian’s also offers great salads for those looking to avoid the freshman fifteen.

3. Leia’s Lunchbox

Leia’s Lunchbox may just be a tiny food cart, yet the menu is anything but limited. Also commonly referred to as Fried and Fabulous, Leia’s Lunchbox is noted for its mouth watering Cheese Curds, Fried Mac N Cheese, and Pizza Bites. Badgers have to take advantage of its central State Street location before the weather becomes brutal, as the food cart sadly moves away during Wisconsin’s cold winter.

4. Toppers

It is so hard to stop eating once you have a bite of anything from Toppers Pizza. Make sure to order their life changing cheesy bread and cinnamon stix. Orders come quick and are bound to take your night to a new level!

5. Insomnia Cookies

Known for their quick delivery time, Insomnia Cookies always fulfills students' late night munchie-needs. With an array of delicious cookies that will melt in your mouth, Insomnia has both traditional cookies as well as chipwich style icecream sandwiches and an ice cream option. Insomnia’s name fits right in with its business hours, offering delivery and pick up all the way until 3am.

6. Dominos

Whether you admit it or not, everyone loves Dominos. It is quick, easy, and guaranteed to be so yummy.

7. Short Stack Eatery

Everyone loves breakfast food, especially when it’s not actually breakfast time. On Thursdays and Fridays, Short Stack Eatery is open from 6am until Midnight. However, from Saturday at 6 am all the way until Sunday at 9 pm, Short Stack Eatery remains open! From pancakes to waffles to omelettes, Short Stack Eatery is definitely worth the trip late at night!

8. Qdoba

Craving a burrito? From as late as 3:30 am, you can go to Qdoba located right on State Street. Who doesn’t love a quesadilla or chips with guac?

9. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

They don’t call Wisconsin America’s Dairyland for nothing! With three locations in Madison, the Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream has infinite flavors and toppings to try! Late nights in the summer and early fall should always be finished by stopping here.

10. Lotsa

With so many pizza options in Madison, what makes Lotsa special is its personalized pizzas. You can even build your own stone fired pizza by adding on your own favorite toppings. On weekends, you can stop by Lotsa on State Street until as late as 3 in the morning!

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