I still think about us.
and thats when I knew we weren't supposed to be together.
I never thought about you.
always us.
never you.
- Christine Saint.
Haven't talked to you in a while, I just wanna say your art made me smile...
-- Christine Saint.
You were born into a family that is more divided than we are united.
learn how to love without divisions and understand without judgement.
- a letter to my nephew
I think love begins when two people admit to each other that they are both imperfect
but still worth it.
- Christine Saint.
I'm rooting for me, and that's all that matters.
Don't forget to be your own cheerleader.
- Root for yourself
I forget how to love myself as often as I forget where my keys are.
I guess it's time to remember.
- Christine Saint. 1:35am
What am I doing?
Oh ya know…. the usual…. investing my time and love into people that can't do the same.
Having a great time.
- Christine Saint.
The first time I thought I fell in love I was a little kid who could never be alone but always ended up lonely.
He was my next door neighbor.
My only friend,
But somehow it seemed okay because God kept him so close.
- Christine Saint.
I've had to alter my mental and physical state in 2017 more than I have in my whole life.
Like, DAMN.
Thank you 2017. I love you 2017. You gave me so much.
- Album of the Year