The Subtweet Effect
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The Subtweet Effect

How a style of tweeting can change the way you think

The Subtweet Effect
The Mary Sue

I am an avid Twitter user, just like much of the rest of my generation and many others. I don't have anything against social media, other than the fact that it does often distract its users (and me) from real-life productivity. One thing in particular that really gets under my skin is the power that a "subtweet" can have over someone.

I am by no means suggesting that I have never participated in this style of tweeting, because I have definitely given in to the urge to subliminally call someone out. However, I have recently discovered the effects that reading or participating in a subtweet has on people.

If you are not aware already, a "subtweet" is a way of, basically, starting drama without actually starting drama. You can state how you feel about someone without mentioning their name, which in a way almost feels more offensive. I'm sure that most people my age with a Twitter account have either been subtweeted or written one themselves. In my experience, I have given in to my anger or frustration and tweeted something irrational in the heat of the moment. The result of this was typically a fight or more drama that stemmed from the original issue. I don't know many people who would continue to feel good about their decision to subtweet after it had been sent.

This type of impulsive reaction is becoming all too common on Twitter, and then in reality as a result. I am aware that sometimes I let my temper get the best of me, but I have learned that controlling my reaction to things makes me feel much better, even though this has taken a lot of practice. I recently noticed a subtweet pointed in my direction, and I went through a couple of different emotions. At first I was offended, and then very mad. I immediately started thinking of ways I could create a subliminal message of my own, one that would be just as offensive.

Then, I started to realize that I would be putting myself on the same level of pettiness as those who think a subtweet will solve their problems. No good can come of this type of reaction, and it definitely effects the way people deal with problems face to face. The more I have tried to exclude myself from the extra drama subtweets cause, the more I have been able to focus on what I am doing instead of what others may think of me. This is a really important lesson Twitter users should learn, because engaging in online pettiness does nothing for your real-life emotional state.

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