The Struggles Of Flirting For Introverts
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The Struggles Of Flirting For Introverts

As told by Fitzwilliam Darcy.

The Struggles Of Flirting For Introverts

As an introvert, you struggle to casually socialize with strangers. You're better off with a close group of friends who you've known for a while and have grown to tolerate. Then, along comes this attractive human being with a good sense of humor and maybe a bit of sass and confidence, and now you have to figure out the art of wooing. That's right wooing. But really, you're just going to fumble your way through flirtations and pray that your crush falls in love with your awkwardness.

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Stage 1: Awkward Silence

You never know what to say when you're among strangers, let alone someone you may actually like. So, you decide to play hard to get. This will make you seem cool and mysterious and they'll have to make an effort to get to know you, which will prove that they are worthy of your affections.

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Once you are finally alone together, you have the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation. But wait, how long have you been standing there? You don't mind the silence. Honestly, their presence makes you look less antisocial. Unfortunately, you waited too long and your silence has made them feel too uncomfortable and the moment has passed.

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Step 2: Awkward Encounters

When you do speak your mind, your responses are a bit too fast and honest, which is often mistaken for rudeness.

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Then you worry that they have discovered just how awkward you are and are completely put off. But your awkwardness is not something that can be easily remedied, so you accept your fate and decide to embrace single life.

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Step 3: You make an effort

After a few casual encounters, you decide that things are looking a bit better. So you muster up your confidence, maybe plan out and practice your conversations so you can find ways to interact with them at social events.

Things have started progressing in your relationship and you're becoming more comfortable and confident around them, so you try to find more ways to interact with your future significant other. But small talk is still painful.

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Step 4: Getting Serious

You've spent quite a bit of time together now, and you are completely love struck. They've even started showing you little signs of affection, which makes your heart pound in your chest. In the distance, you think you hear the sweet sound of church bells. Wait. No, that was just in your head.

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This is it, you feel like you've grown to seriously like this person and you decide to profess your undying love. Sadly, you're a damn coward. As soon as you see them, you end up awkwardly fumbling over the words and talking about something completely off topic.

When you do suck it up and pour your heart out for this amazing person, it leaves them completely confused, a bit frightened and maybe a little offended. So you leave disappointing and try to figure out how you screwed this up so badly.

Step 5: Never Give up

If at first you don't succeed, try try again. Who knows, maybe one day your crush will wake up and realize that they love you in spite of your antisocial, introverted nature and general awkwardness.

Side note: Stalking is not the answer.

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