The Struggles Of Being Baby-Faced
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The Struggles Of Being Baby-Faced

Baby-face syndrome isn't a joke.

The Struggles Of Being Baby-Faced

We all know that one person who suffers from BFS, more commonly know as Baby Face Syndrome. Others like me suffer from BFS and constantly struggle with the reality of it. Though many people see BFS as a gift, they don't know the true suffering that comes with living with such an awful ailment. Hopefully, this sheds some light on it. The following includes some common problems people with BFS suffer from. Reader descretion is advised, as the harsh reality may upset some.

1. Going out to the bars? Good Luck.

You know you're going to get carded. There's no doubt about it. Your friends will sometimes "forget" to invite you out, because it probably means they'll get carded, too. Be prepared to have the cops called on you; I know I've had that happen.

2. Middle schoolers still hit on you

If it were high schoolers, that would be a little better, because they would at least be an inch closer to your age. But no. You have middle schoolers/tweens hitting on you and trying to get your number.

3. "You'll love it when you're older!"

If that is your best excuse for the horrors I go through on a daily basis, I don't want to hear it.

4. You have to sit at the kids' table, no matter how old you are.

At any family gathering, no matter how old you are, if you look like one of the kids, you will be forced to sit with them. If you're at a restaurant, you are automatically given the children's menu. Yippee.

5. You are always the "adorable" one, never the "hot" one.

No, don't call me adorable. I am an adult, not a child or pet.

6. "Are your parents home?"

I don't know, let me check.

7. The Eternal Age Guessing Game...

"Are you 19? 18? 15?"

8. You get carded at R-rated movies.

As if seeing "50 Shades Of Grey" wasn't embarrassing enough, you get carded twice.

9. Walking in public with your child/niece/nephew becomes a judging game.

No, I wasn't a teen parent, and even if I was, its none of your business.

10. People are shocked when you cuss.

"Wow, I didn't think you cussed! You're too innocent!"

11. Dressing nice makes you look like you're trying too hard.

I just want to look fancy OK?!

12. If you're a guy, people are surprised when you grow facial hair.

Well, guys grow facial hair. It's not that big of a shocker, people.

13. Or if you don't have facial hair, you look like a tween.

It's really hard having a job that requires you to shave...

14. If you're a girl, no make-up makes you look like you're 10 years old.

Then on top of that people always say "You don't need to wear makeup!" No, I'd rather not look like a baby, thank-you-very-much.

15. If you do wear make-up, you might gain another year. Or just look like a baby who got into her mom's makeup.

It has taken many years to perfect not looking like a baby covered in momma's makeup.

16. Everyone thinks your significant other is a pedophile.

I mean, do I really need to explain this?

People with BFS go through daily struggles and more people need to be aware of this heartbreaking disorder. If you or someone you love suffers from BFS, you are not alone. Live each day like you saw an R-rated movie and didn't get carded.

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