The Struggle Of Being A Full-Time Student And Part-Time Employee As Told By Squidward
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The Struggle Of Being A Full-Time Student And Part-Time Employee As Told By Squidward

You deserve an award, a massage, and a three-year long nap.

The Struggle Of Being A Full-Time Student And Part-Time Employee As Told By Squidward

You are now in the midst of the time of your life: college! You've been anticipating these days since you were old enough to watch those scandalous, college-themed, PG-13 movies. You've seen the all the movies and think that you have this college thing down to a T. Then, you realize just how complicated being an adult is. In no time, responsibilities begin to hit you, and you soon find yourself juggling being a full-time student, working three jobs, and trying to make time for studying, along with a social life.

Check out this list of things that you face when balancing being a full-time college student and working a part-time job or two, as shown by the busy bee himself, Squidward Tentacles.

You have told your boss your availability a million times, yet they still manage to schedule you during a time when you have class.

Working with other full-time students: "Hey, can you cover my shift? I have a lot of homework." "Oh, I can't, I have class."

Assignments and shifts are being thrown at you.

When you need a little push to get you to remember why you are torturing yourself.

Let's be real, the phrase, "When I have free time, I will..." just doesn't exist.

How you think looking at your bank account will make you feel.

... Versus how it will actually make you feel.

Don't have time to nap in the comfort of your bed? No worries, you'll make it work.

Your life feels a little bit too routine.

Well, it's cute that you thought you could get a nap in.

"YES! The weekend is here! I can finally sleep in... but only for an extra 30 minutes, because I still have to go to work."

Your friends are excited and ready to party, but you just aren't feeling it.

When you make it through the week and feel like you deserve some type of award (which you do).

Though it is incredibly overwhelming, just remember you are not alone! You've got this! This is the time of your life, so don't work it all away; always find time to enjoy yourself. Remember, time management is everything. Stay focused and don't be afraid to ask for a day off of work. Mental and physical health are more important than that $7.50 an hour.

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