Being cold natured has never been a walk in the park. I constantly have a light jacket with me because let's be honest, a 75-degree room is the only environment where I will not be uncomfortable. My roommates and I have a thermostat war every night and every morning. I'll wake up to the quad, a freezing 60-65 degrees. I'll immediately turn it up to 70 and hop in the shower. That way I come out of the shower to a normal temperature instead of feeling like icicles are forming on my skin.

The worst thing is having a professor that is warm natured and there is no escape for an hour or so. I just sit with my legs crossed and try to conserve any body heat that still remains. Anyone who is cold natured automatically has at least two throw blankets on their bed for those afternoon naps where you can escape to a warm slumber. Even movie nights with friends consists of a blanket cocooned around me. When the temperature falls below 75 degrees you can bet that I'll be wearing yoga pants or sweat pants instead of shorts. Now don't get me started about winter. As much as I love the winter season, the cold is torturous. Walking across my college campus makes the cold unbearable and I leave my room with 3+ layers on any given day. Gloves are a must have. If you buy the kind that can be used with cell phones then it actually isn't that bad! Thick, fuzzy socks line my drawers because it's the simple things in life, am I right? Any chance to have hot coffee or hot chocolate is obviously going to happen.

Growing up with a warm natured family was a struggle. I thought maybe I would get used to the constant 65-degree home, but I never did. I was constantly cold. Moving to college I thought I could finally control my own cold natured needs. Guess again. My roommate was extremely warm natured and would turn it down below 65! Below 65!! I have learned that I will never overcome my cold naturedness so I now just coddle it to the best of my abilities instead of trying to escape it. If being cold most of the time is my biggest problem, then I think I'm doing okay.