I am very much an advocate for appreciating the single life; however, Valentine's Day is the ONE day us single people feel extra single. As soon as New Years is over we cannot even walk into the grocery store without being bombarded with red and pink everything, that one dreaded isle in the store seems as if it's dedicated to reminding you that you're alone.

All of your friends in relationships are busy that night.

While all of your friends are out celebrating their relationship on a random day of the year dedicated to red and pink hearts and stupid hallmark cards you're sitting at home most likely binge watching Netflix. Although this is usually not a bad thing, Valentine's day reminds you that you're binge watching alone.

Chances are, you're mom and dad are your only Valentine's.

This isn't such a bad thing, right? Your parents already know what kind of chocolate you like, chances are they'd do a much better job than some guy anyways. The only struggle about this is leaving your Valentine's day card out in the open and having to explain to your friends it's from your parents and you're still single, as always.

You can't get on social media without gagging.

These are the only posts that can get more annoying than "Man Crush Monday's" and "Woman Crush Wednesday's". You can't get on social media without seeing Snapchat stories of flowers and chocolate. And it's nearly impossible to avoid seeing long posts about how "in love" couples are and how "thankful" they are for their boyfriend getting them the same presents every single other girl in the world got from their boyfriends on the same day. Original. BUT, don't be bitter, double tap anyways, your time will come.

Your Facebook memories will get you right in the feels.

Avoid checking your Facebook memories today cause you'll easily be reminded that you were one of those annoying people appreciating all of the things your boyfriend did for you. Keep in mind that Valentine's day is only 24 hours and you'll be out of your feels and loving the single life when you wake up in the morning. Don't text your ex. Keep eating the chocolate your parents got for you and move on to the next Netflix episode instead.

It's not as fun when you're older.

When you're little Valentine's day is the best day ever. You get valentines and candy from everyone in your class. Everyone loves everyone. When you're older reality hits that you're single as it gets.

Although there are struggles of being single on Valentine's Day, keep in mind that there are many perks as well. You're saving money, you get to see Fifty Shades Darker, and you get to eat all the chocolate you want, alone, and you don't have to share with anyone. No one's judging the amount of chocolate you consume. It's great. If you made it through the holiday season alone, you can make it through this dreaded Hallmark holiday, I promise. Being single is fun.