A Grandmother's Love
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A Grandmother's Love

A poem reflecting the aftermath of losing a loved one

A Grandmother's Love
Kija Cammock

Chances are that eight out of ten people reading this has sadly lost someone either by them physically leaving their life or in death. If this isn't you then please just continue loving and never take your dear ones for granted but if this is you then please take heed in the following poem written in honor of my grandma. It's been three years since she's passed but often it feels like yesterday the times that we've shared. In her death, there was much sadness but it ceased and I soon realized that the only thing that truly does last in this world is love and that there is nothing like a grandmother's love. Please enjoy!

Where have you gone my pretty lady, does your smile no longer shine upon the earth? Did it maybe take you leaving us forever for those to know your worth? For those to appreciate and not take for granted a second less spent with you, or for me to think of endless questions of things I never knew?

Like what you might've done to that boy that double-crossed you in 72' or all the things that would make my mom happy when her days are feeling blue. Blue. It was one of your favorite colors, staining my eyes with a silver lining. What a beauty you were laying in that box but not such beautiful timing, for you were taken too early, wounded in a battle never meant to be won. We grieved it was over but little did we know that your journey had just begun.

It was just so hard because you were no longer with us, no longer of this dimension, everybody headstrong fighting the tension in the family as hands flew up for your pension but the monetary goods I would never trade for your light, your light. I needed that substance to feel that every day wasn't midnight, rocking myself to sleep right after I take flight just to close my eyes and be awakened by more cries, yeah more cries I wasn't the only one who seemed distraught, for it was my mother who had lost her own mama, it almost seemed that I had forgot.

Forgot to even be there for myself while being strong for her, wishing my days would end. As time grew on my own heartbreak I would mend while in the process of finding a new friend. She is unlike any other, metaphorically speaking she lives in me. I see her when I look in the mirror, she is your legacy. She's constantly pushing me to be better, smarter, stronger. She must be the voice of your spirit since here in person I have you no longer. You were my sweet Grammie, my lifelong friend, and companion, I wouldn't ever trade the memories for anything and your love I'll always cherish.

RIP Easter P.A. Galloway-Haynes

10/31/1948 - 08/04/2013

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