I went on an awesome trip with my girlfriends recently to visit our other girlfriend who moved not too long ago. This trip came at just the right time in my life and I needed nothing more than to be surrounded by the amazing personalities of my friends.

Not only do we all have a great time together, but they help me process my own emotions when I might be having trouble on my own. We talk about life.

Sometimes life is hard to navigate, and for me, complaining about it with the girls gives me a variety of outsiders perspective, and they truly have my best interests in mind.

It feels good to not only say and address my emotions out loud but be confident in doing so, knowing that my friends will receive what I say with open minds and hearts.

The strength in girl gangs lies in the bond we form with one another. Whether we are minutes away or miles away, it's a powerful connection to have your girls just a phone call or Snapchat away, ready to listen to whatever tea you have to spill, sis.

You can run to them with your stories ready to go, no filter.

With your girl gang, you not only get to rant and rave about your own life but listen and respond to your girls too. This only makes us stronger and more knowledgeable about our own emotions.

Each one of us setting precedents for the other with each life lesson we tackle.

I can say for myself, whenever I leave a good girl gang hang sesh, I feel a sense of relief.

I feel like I have a better understanding of whatever I'm handling, or at least have new ways to think about you. The strength of the friendships we make help give us the strength we may not have at the time.

At times I feel down and isolate myself. I may go through a phase where I just don't want to hang out and go quietly in the group chat for a few days.

I can always count on one of them to reach out and check up on me, or even just invite me out. Even if I say no, they're still there for me when I'm ready.

The confidence and reassurance you get from a solid girl gang are beyond compare.

We each make each other stronger. We lift one another up when we're feeling down and are always ready to celebrate each other's victories. S/O to the girl gangs all around the world who continue to be the rock in a girl's life.