The Story I Have Been Afraid To Tell: Part 3
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Student Life

The Story I Have Been Afraid To Tell: Part 3

The third part of my tell-all gets deeper into the story, bringing to light what I should have noticed long ago.

The Story I Have Been Afraid To Tell: Part 3
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To those of you that have continued reading my stories, I really do thank you. I have been struggling with what has happened to me for a long time now. Writing what I am writing is my only form of justice for the harassment and events that have unfolded since June.

I write them in the specific way I do to allow you to experience what I have experienced. The people I depict are real people, who even now continue to harass me in certain circles. I hope you enjoy part three:

I got up to investigate the knock only to find out that it was Rob, who was completely drunk and managed to stumble down the stairs from his room. He asked if he could sleep in my room; I wasn't exactly okay with it, but I didn't decline. Instead of crawling into the bed with me, he laid on the floor next to my mattress, careful not to touch me, and grabbed a pillow off the make-shift bed.

He (from what I can remember) attempted to make some sort of small talk with me, but ran out of the courage he had after stumbling down the stairs to my room. He finally fell asleep and softly snored next to me. I took that as my queue to go to bed as well.

The next morning, I woke up in a strange place, as I was used to (at that point) after moving away from home and to different friends' places, only to realize it was on my mattress in my new fraternity home.

Rob was still snoring next to me, but I remembered he had something particularly important that day, so I decided to nudge him awake from his peaceful spot on the floor. He came to with a start, with his hockey hair, long and blonde, sticking up in every direction.

He glanced at me with his bright blue eyes as if he forgot who I was and where he happened to be sitting. With a quick movement, he put on his sandals and mumbled something about giving a house tour to a prospective member and how difficult it was going to be to clean the house by himself.

That was that—he walked out the door and gave me a start to my new life and home.

The rest of the days with Rob were spent together after that. There wasn't a moment we didn't spend together. We became the best of friends for those two weeks, learning everything about each other—from who we were in high school to our hopes and dreams for the future. I began to only sleep in his room (next to him, on a futon) after a house centipede decided to make home in my room downstairs.

The centipede night, as we both called it, started out with me getting some sleep before another day of job searching. I happened to be laying my head on my pillow when a centipede the size of my pinky finger darted across my pillow and towards my hair. With a quick movement, I smashed the centipede with my flip flop on the floor, sprinted out of the door, up the stairs, and down to Rob's room, where I kicked the door open and jumped onto his form underneath the blanket on the large futon.

Panicked Rob, concerned with my crying, asked what was wrong—only laughing when he came to find out it was a house centipede that caused this much commotion. From that point on, he invited me to stay in his room, on the left side of the futon, careful not to get onto his side, safe from the centipedes.

In a way, Lee created a divide in Rob and I's friendship. The day Lee arrived was much like any other with Rob—we spent the whole day joking and watching TV as usual, trying to find something good to eat.

Lee pulled his truck into the empty president's spot, looking ever-so-different than before when I first saw him all those months ago. He had a rounder face, almost childlike, but contrasted with a full beard and short dark brown hair. I remember looking out my window into the hot day at the truck, wondering how this meeting was going to go.

I knew I liked Lee from the text messages we had been exchanging, but at the same time, Rob had become my best friend—someone I relied on for anything.

The first night with Lee was interesting to say the least. I began to enjoy being made fun of by not just Rob but Lee as well. Both of them seemed to be great friends, even more so than Rob and I—they held a sort of bond that I couldn't see.

I became a part of that essentially, melding into the group and becoming a part of a trio, but it wasn't just any trio—it was our trio. The three of us, after that night, did everything together—from going out to eat, watching the sun go down on the stoop, and talking the day away.

But that is when things become wrong.

I started to notice our trio was becoming split after the float trip. The float trip was arguably the most fun day of our summer together. The float trip was a recruitment tactic—or in other words, a drinking get-together for the other members of the fraternity—since many people didn't respond to join the house, I later found out.

The float trip consisted of almost everyone staying in the Des Moines area from the house and those of us who were stuck there for the summer. The trip, at first, was kind of fun. I was the new girl; getting to know people was a little hectic, but this is where Chad comes into play.

Chad was part of the original school year trio of Rob and Lee. I was just kind of his fill-in for the time being until school began again. Chad was better described as a tornado: loud, always laughing, and seemed like a bull in a China shop.

We were all waiting in our swimsuits in the formal living room, sitting on coolers, checking to make sure we had everything to go, and waiting for everyone to show up so we could get to the start of the river. Chad of course, walked in, already starting a banter with Rob about how he gets more girls than he does and talking about the Cubs' baseball record.

I said hello to Chad only to get a quick "hi" back before he had to chase down Rob to finish their argument.

We all jumped into the vehicles, packed with coolers and inner tubes, towards the river on the other side of town. I was in the same car as Lee, while Rob drove his own brand-new vehicle filled with people.

We arrived at the river with everyone else; there were about 6 other people besides the four of us. The other boys in the house joined as well: Shawn, Spencer, a boy named Ross, who was particularly mischievous, and a few other boys in the house I did not speak to much, who brought along a beautiful girl with a bubbly personality named Jayde.

We all filled our inner tubes with air before dragging them towards the river, setting the coolers in empty ones and tying them off to our inner tubes. Rob became extremely intoxicated in the short time we were in the river, same with just about everyone else—but Rob became slightly different person when he drank.

Lee insisted that I stay connected to him the whole time, which I was kind of bothered by, but I decided not to let it ruin my good time in the sunlight. Rob, however, did not like that as much; he was becoming courageous because of the alcohol, completely out of character for him, splashing, yelling at Chad in a much more playful tone than before.

Around that time, Chad decided to drown for a can of Mountain Dew. We came to a river bend where the water began to pick up; instead of swimming towards the cooler to grab a drink someone connected to one would just toss you a can, which is what the boy next to me was doing.

Chad, however, did not catch the can; he floated into a down tree while we all were standing, moving our floats across the shallow water. Chad, on the other hand, got himself stuck in the current inside the down tree, too drunk to understand he was drowning, trying to grab the lost can Mountain Dew.

I thought back to lifeguard training in my past summers at home. I then jumped into action, tossing my drink and sunglasses at Rob and swimming over to Chad, who couldn't seem to pull himself out of the current. I began to yank on the float, becoming stuck in the current as well making it hard to swim.

I shoved off a tree, giving myself a softball-sized bruise, yanking Chad's float out of the current, pulling him with me. Everyone up until this point was laughing at Chad's misfortune as they usually do, before they realized I swam over to save him. This gave everyone a good laugh and I got a good workout making sure the village idiot didn't drown.

When I say I began to notice the divide it started with small things like the float trip, I mean not being able to leave Lee's side, Lee giving the odd small comment about Rob here and there. While at the same time, Rob began to act as if this didn't hurt him until we were talking alone together, explaining to me that I couldn't let Lee control me.

But in reality, I did let him control me; I didn't listen to Rob, and that is one of my biggest mistakes. Things began small, such as Lee getting bothered that I wouldn't go on a date with him, which I finally caved into doing, which lead to him making sure that I hung out with him at all times, keeping me from Rob.

It became evident that Lee wanted me to be his girlfriend, when in reality I was completely hung up on Rob. This all came to a head when Lee later asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of June. Forever cutting the trio apart.

I agreed half-heartedly, thinking that maybe Rob and I weren't meant to be anything, that maybe, just maybe, he was a friend and I was thinking too deep into my feelings for him. I, at the time, had a large crush on Rob, but it didn't compete with Lee wanting to take me on dates, talking about formals and being the president.

I let this block my senses to what was really happening. I knew something was wrong the night I hung out with Rob for once, nearing the end of the summer.

Rob and I had made a habit out of having movie nights together when Lee went out to the bar with all the older members on Wednesday nights. We watched Harry Potter and ate popcorn. I was always corny and pulled up a comic that pertained to the particular movie in the series, but this night turned out to be terribly wrong.

Rob and I, as usual, sat next to one another, always touching in some sort of way to comfort one another. When I received a text message asking me where I was from Lee, it sounded angry, even defensive. I decided to go check on him; he, at the time, was in his room, drinking, sitting at the desk in the president's room.

I later learned that this person he was after he drank wasn't someone you wanted to be around, especially the persona that sat at the desk in his room quietly drinking. He asked me what I was doing with Rob, knowing that we had feelings for one another, in his room with the lights off watching a movie.

He didn't particularly like that I didn't text back fast enough, thinking that Rob and I had something going on. He did this kind of laugh after saying that to me—a cold, dark and hurtful kind of laugh, one where you know he is going to say or do something next that will hurt you.

On the bed was my housing contract, the very same one I signed with Rob. He looked at me after that laugh, saying I control if you stay here or if you get to leave, I could kick you out right now and you would have 30 days to find somewhere else to go. Watch what you do to me.

I knew at that moment that I had made the wrong choice, a choice that was going to tear not only Rob and I apart, but that of the house itself.

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