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The Story Begins Here

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The Story Begins Here
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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

― George R.R. Martin

Books have always had an impact on the lives of people, words that strike a deeper peace than any tangible being could speak. It’s a created world that the reader delves into- with symbolic meanings that inspire the best of people, where primarily ‘good’ triumphs over ‘evil’. Books hold a special place for the reader where they can transport themselves from the struggles of everyday life to an unknown terrain where they can fall in love (yes, that happens), hate, and mourn over the fictional characters lied before them. A book can create a new world, just between the pages, lies an adventure awaiting to be begun.

Young authors are always looking for ways to spruce up their writing, ways to make things more interesting to read, but that head start you’re searching for is definitely not your mother. You’ll receive the same ‘criticism’ there. “It’s great honey, I love it.” There are, however, places that could assist in telling the entire truth. For instance, Wattpad. This website has been made an app for cell phone users. Young authors flank to the cyberspace to meet with new people and write stories. Wattpad holds many annual contests where the authors will write their best according to a set topic, and the winner usually receives a sum of a prize. This website challenges you to keep writing, while having fun. If you’re ever feeling too tired, browse their fine selection of stories. From what I’ve heard, yes, there are actual professional authors on that website as well. ArchiveOfOurOwn; I know what you’re thinking, ‘That website looks and just sounds plain snobby’ and yes, actually it’s pretty ‘regal’ and ‘pristine’. To get an account on that website you have to first apply for a place, then if they like your application they’ll allow you one account. It’s a process and it took me at least two weeks to get approved, but it’s worth it. The website has really insightful people who have matured wonderfully at their writing, they’ll happily offer assistance with any upcoming writings you plan on making. This is strictly a writing website, there aren’t groups and there are hardly any artists drawing photos for that website. Artistry is strictly reserved for DeviantArt. That website is easier to have an account on, there you post photo’s of your artwork and are judged, if you’re lucky people will love your artwork enough that they’ll showcase it on the opening page of the entire website for everyone to see. I don’t use that website enough to be able to tell much, I know you can write stories there as well though, so no, it’s not only for artists, it’s just definitely a place to go if you wanna draw. is a website used for- as the name suggests- fanfictions. It’s a lovely website to use, really. Not everyone there has actual writing talent, but it’s a place to go to learn and better yourself. People are severely supporting here, they’ll always comment something kind on a story before telling you where you should improve. Last but certainly not least is my personal favorite website, Quotev. Here is where you go to find a metaphorical ‘family’. Thousands of people from all over the globe flood here to socialize and meet with others- this website works in a specific way though. Your account will only draw in followers if you apply to a certain ‘fandom’. Never give your actual name, that’s just foolishness. Making an account is important, have a good layout, font name, and a clever URL so people can find you. While making an account, pick something you adore. For example people who like the website sensation CreepyPasta should go in and make an account under the pseudonym of ‘Jeff The Killer’ or ‘SlenderMan’. Then to gain more popularity, you join groups, associate with many people- just reach out- write stories or make fun quizzes to pass the time. This website really pushes social interaction, groups and Role-playing are looked upon highly here, so much so that near everywhere on the website is role-played. Though this website is great for stories. You can write even the silliest of stories and still get praise or apprehension from it. This website helps push people from their inner shell, because here is where you go to find people who agree, understand, and love many things you do (And really after a few days of toying with it I’ve found it’s easiest to use out of all the other ones).

As the author of this article, it’s my personal opinion that all these websites are great, but each has it’s specialty. For hardcore and just writing, I use ArchiveOfOurOwn. Obviously to write fanfictions of a certain fandom- which really does help with enhancing your skills as a writer- I use FanFiction.Net. Honestly, I hardly use Wattpad, it’s my own personal opinion that the website isn’t as great as it could be, not to say I haven’t put stories there and met some really brilliant people. DeviantArt is really a place for artists, not to say that an author can’t publish a writing on there and still be recommended for it. I have published works of art, and everyone on there is really supportive, always telling you how to better your artworks and stories. On Quotev though it’s a great website to have, no there isn’t an app, but there should be. This is the website I use most to relax and just spend time with interesting people. This website really promotes everything, from stories to meeting people who care and even Role-Playing. These are my favorites of all the websites I use, and honestly it would do you well to check it out. These places not only make you new friends, but it also helps you learn to better your writing. Though I do happen to prefer TheOdyssey because of how organized and easy to use it is.

Due to privacy purposes I will opt out of giving my usernames or my accounts on these websites.

Warning: Despite the fact that I am promoting these websites, I still believe it is in your best interests not to disclose any personal information. For example, do not place your full real name or address, these are still websites used worldwide, and it wouldn’t be wise to tell complete strangers all about you. Don’t be a fool, stay cool, and be safe.

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