The Stages Of Watching "Grey's Anatomy"
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The Stages Of Watching "Grey's Anatomy"

You know it's bad when you start calling your best friend "your person."

The Stages Of Watching "Grey's Anatomy"

Starting "Grey's" usually begins innocently enough, and then before you know it you're in your roommate's room at 3 A.M. crying about a character that died and that's when you realize that you've been taken in and there's no getting out. But before that happens, "Grey's Anatomy" leaves you with so many other feelings.

1. I don't know, I'm not really into doctor shows.

2. There are 12 seasons?! There's no way I would ever even finish it!

3. OK, OK fine I started it, but I'm kind of confused.

4. That was actually pretty good, I might as well watch the second episode.

5. Aaand now I'm on season two.

6. What do you mean there are actually 24 episodes per season?

7. I hate [insert character's name here].

8. I love [insert same character's name here].

9. Oh yeah, I totally know about this medical thing, I watch "Grey's Anatomy."

10. How is it possible that these people are put through so many life threatening events?

How is it possible that everyone in this hospital is insanely attractive?

12. No seriously.

13. Where do they keep coming from?

14. I never thought I would get so connected to these characters.
And now everyone I love is either dying or gone.

15. This show owns my soul and I am never leaving.

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