The Stages Of Transitioning Into College
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Student Life

The Stages Of Transitioning Into College

Because it turns out it doesn't happen in one easy step.

The Stages Of Transitioning Into College

We all know that transitioning to college life doesn't come in one easy step. In fact, there are many steps that are unique to each individual person. I think I came into college expecting an immediate transition and instant best friends, but in reality it's OK that there are many steps! As with any change, adjusting takes time, but eventually things will finally click and life will feel comfortable again.

So, here are 10 steps that are part of the transition into college.

1. The drive to school

That car trip that feels 10 times longer than any other. It’s full of excitement, nervousness and mostly just having no idea what to expect. You’re trying to stay calm but inside you’re freaking out.

2. Getting to school

So the car ride is finally over, but now you realize you’re actually going to college and the awkwardness of having no idea what you’re doing starts to kick in. At the same time, you're really excited.

3. Your parents leave

That one link from home is gone, you’re really on your own and you suddenly have to figure out how to socially interact with the people you’ll be living with all year.

4. Orientation

Basically several days of clinging to your hallmates and following your orientation aide’s every step.

5. The first days of classes

This is it! You’re really on your own! Suddenly you realize you don't actually know where anything is. No more parents, no more orientation aide, just you and your map hoping desperately not to get lost and that it won’t be terribly obvious how much of a freshman you are.

6. Second week of classes

So you’re finally adjusting, maybe things are still a little awkward and you might call your mom five times a day, but you’re starting to accept that this is your life now. You’re still figuring out your schedule, but things are looking up from here! You’re starting to feel like a college student!

7. Trying out about 15 clubs during those first couple weeks

You don’t want to miss any opportunities, so you just sign up for everything. At least it keeps you busy for the first couple weeks and you have a broader selection from which to narrow things down!

8. Midterm season

What? Your first semester of college is already halfway over? This is when you start to realize how much work college really is and how time really does fly when you’re having fun.

9. Winter break

Skipping ahead a little, you’ve made it through your first semester, and this is the first long break. Going home is really weird, because it feels like home is starting to become college, but seeing family is a great refresher after several months of tons of change.

10. Second semester begins

Now it’s official. You’re settled, you’re at your new home and life is good. The first few days of this semester are drastically different than those of the first semester and you realize that college is exactly where you want to be. You’re a college student and it finally feels real.

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