Music and productivity go hand in hand for a lot of people, myself included. So here is a small list of music I listen to when I really need to plow through a ton of homework or anything else productive. Keep in mind that my music tastes may differ from yours, and I listen to some of these groups more than others, depending on what I am working on.

1. Cattle Decapitation

Alright, so just by reading the band's name, I am sure you can assume it isn't a classical piano group. Cattle Decapitation is an American deathgrind band, but stands out so much when compared to others. The melodies and vocals, especially of their two newest albums, The Anthropocene Extinction and Monolith of Inhumanity, are glorious and extremely catchy. With this group, the concept of destroying the human race and slaughtering people does no go overdone, and is approached in a very non-traditional way. I listen to this band while doing the majority of my work. Each semester I usually listen to one group a ton, and Cattle Decapitation was the winner this semester.

2. Silence

I'm not even kidding. Absolute silence is pretty great.

3. Rabbit Junk

I think I have referenced this group before in an article for this platform. Pretty much all of this group's discography is very unique, with songs differing in genre even on the same album. With songs ranging from hard rock to kind of wub-wuby, Rabbit Junk is an excellent band to listen to while elbow deep in an essay. Listened to this band on loop last semester.

4. Gorerotted

One of the most guttural, heavy, and grotesque bands I've heard of. You need a strong stomach to listen to them, especially if you follow the lyrics. Though, the musicality is superb, and each song has a unique element to it, and isn't just more of the same rhythms with different vocals.


Kind of like Gorerotted, but with a very different sound, and the vocals are much less discernible.

6. Oranssi Pazuzu

I listen to this band when I write creativity. Very droney, thick, and heavy music that is capable of clearing almost anyone's mind out a bit.

7. Sunn O)))

Similar to Oranssi Pazuzu, though they came first, their music is also very thick and extremely atmospheric. While not many are fond of it, I really like the work they did with Scott Walker. Another good personal choice for writing.

8. Carach Angren

The Dutch metal band Carach Angren is one I listen to almost religiously. I listen to them a lot when writing, but also when I'm not. Seen them live, 10/10/

9. Alice Underground, Angel Olsen, and Lana Del Rey

I grouped these three groups together for the sake of brevity.

10. Gojira

Popular when I am up later than I wish to be, wonderful metal music that presents a very existential aesthetic.

11. Fleshgod Apocalypse

Another great band. What really stands out to me from them, is Francesco Paoli's drumming. This guy is pretty crazy, and is one of my favorite drummers. Go on YouTube and look for videos of his live drumming, it will blow your mind.

I listen to a ton of music, but these are just a handful that I listen to when I am attempting to get things done.