The Sound Of July '17
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The Sound Of July '17

How to musically jazz up this season

The Sound Of July '17
Music is a way to dream together and go to another dimension.
Cecilia Bartoli

Music has got no season, nor country. It has though many different genres, along with them goes the pop one. Its songs and artists are worldwide. Pop music is called so because it's supposed to be vastly well-known and it is played on many different types of media, especially radio, television, or social platforms from the Internet.

Every year new songs are being made and released, so to please and entertain ourselves. During the summer season people usually find themselves listening to more pop music. It can happen because of the more amount of time people generally have this time of the year, spending it in outdoor activities or simply being comfortable at home.

For this reason, many would be able to discover different types of popular songs, from multiple countries and thus performed in other languages.

These following are some of the latest songs recently released that you could find appealing this summer. Enjoy this cosmopolitan July sound!


Artist: Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean, Migos

Country: United Kingdom - Scotland, United States

Well-known singer, musician and producer Calvin Harris has been lately working on his latest funk-electro-pop album "Funk Wav bounces Vol.1". Inside this collection there are some of the most famous singers and performers of these latest years, including Ariana Grande, John Legend and Pharrell Williams. Along all the songs in this album, "Slide" carries in it a summery vibe, with its melodic shades and hip hop style.

"A Nossa Vez"

Artist: Calema

Country: Portugal

Despite its autumnal setting in the official video, this romantic song is one of the most popular songs in Portugal released this current year. Love doesn't have holidays, so this song can be perfectly played and enjoyed during summertime too.

"O Χαρακτήρας" - The Character

Artist: Νίκος Οικονομόπουλους ( Nikos Oikonomopoulos)

Country: Greece

Deep feelings, a strong love story, a firm voice: "The Character" is pretty much an unique Greek musical piece.


Artist: Mark Forster

Country: Germany

Generally speaking, people say German sound hard, its accent is sharp, and it may be a bit difficult to learn it as a language. However, this catchy song can give you another chance to revise your opinion on German. With this song, Mark Forster tells a story about a man whose luck seems to be out of his sight. At the end, like in real life events, luck occurs and makes everyone happy.

"L'esercito del selfie"

Artist: Takagi & Ketra ft. Lorenzo Fragola & Arisa

Country: Italy

In this song, Italian singers Arisa and Lorenzo Fragola are stars of a both critical and catchy song, that makes the listeners think of a typical 60s Italian summer song. The song describes how people nowadays would spend time enjoying social media, any other technological devices or trends. Nevertheless, emotions remain the same, no matter how this frenzy, hot and festive season can be.

"Your Song"

Artist: Rita Ora

Country: United Kingdom - Great Britain

Rita Ora's "Your Song" reminds us of a young love story. Tuneful, dreamy, contagious.

"On ètait beau"

Artist: Louane

Country: France

This juvenile french song gives good and relaxing vibes. Best to be listened with a group of friends, while dancing or chatting.

"Cada ves que nos encontramos"

Artist: Casasola

Country: Spain

A calm, relaxing pop song in Spanish is a good tool with which someone could start being interested in learning the idiom.


Artist: Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey

Country: United States

Ben Haggerty looks like a great dad to his daughter Sloane, but he seems to be a funny and lovable grandson too. In celebration of his grandmother's 100th birthday he decided to release this pop-rap song, with the intent to make anyone feel more glorious and confident than ever.


Artist: Lil Kleine

Country: The Netherlands

Electro music is one of the most produced and played type of songs in Northern European countries. Lil Kleine's "Alleen" is one of the newest pieces of this genre.

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