Two days ago, I binge watched the new Netflix series "The Society." After struggling looking for another good show, I came across "The Society.” If you like shows like Pretty Little Liars, On my Block, Riverdale, or even 13 Reasons Why, this show is definitely for you.

"The Society" is a show about a group of Seniors in Highschool living in a small privileged town. The show displays several different characters that create thrill, mystery, and drama. The show is basically a new take on the novel "Lord of the Flies" which was a required text I had to read during my Junior year of High School.

The group of students were supposed to go on a week long trip leading onto their last few days of Highschool, while the bus suddenly brings them back "home", but all of their family members and the rest of the town had weirdly vanished. The teens learn to build a society on themselves, through leadership, teamwork, and selflessness.

The typical teen show aspect

Through the first episode of the series, it displays the life of students living their everyday lives living in a small privileged town. The show also showcases drama aspects that make it more interesting and leading you to wonder what happens next. Several characters represent the everyday teenagers, the jocks, the rich and popular, student council president, and even the quiet outcast.

The mystery

The show brings a lot of mystery like how the kids are going to get "home", or how "the smell" overall affected them getting to where they are. Throughout the show there is the simple question that everyone is thinking about while trying to get along with their lives and trying to survive. They're all questioning if they were the ones being saved, or if they're the ones being punished. Since they're left in this somewhat parallel universe, they are stuck in the same town they have lived in, but different because they have to do everything by themselves.

Taken for granted

If I were to put myself in the shoes of the characters, they never really realized how much was handed to them or how much that their parents did for them growing up. When they're finally in a place where they won't get in trouble for absolutely anything, they take advantage of it. But, once time goes on they realize that they can't live without their parents and everything that they've given them.

Living in a town with mansions and maseratis, these teens are really in and out of their heads with this one. In a universe where money didn't matter, and you have to do everything yourself, some selfishness can come out. The teens learn that they must be self-ness and share with everyone because if they don't, chaos comes about.

The character Harry, a once pretty rich boy that was handed and owned everything, had to learn that in this place none of that mattered and if he really wanted to survive he would have to participate in the society.