How Derma Drinks Saved My Skin

I have always struggled with acne. There are many products that claim to help acne, prevent break outs, and save your skin. I tried so hard to use the products religiously and I wanted my skin to clear up more and more, as the days went on.

I felt that I was the one losing constantly as the products continued to not live up to their claims and I was stuck with this skin of mine. There are bumps, redness, and so much irritation that it was almost as though the products were making my skin become worse!

See, I have always had pretty good skin and I tried so hard to take care of it every single day. I would take my makeup off before bed and double cleanse and use products that were of sufficient quality, at least I thought.

The root of this problem that I was having is that my skin had a terrible flare up as a result of all of the stress, worry, and anxiety caused by the previous semester that I had completed of school. It just felt that it was so long ago and I thought my skin should have cleared up by now. I was always thinking “It’s going to clear up. I just have to wait and take care of it.” But it never did clear up.

Months later, my skin is still struggling with clearing up and I had never had acne this bad, not since high school at the least! I was so sad and miserable in my skin that used to be so good to me and so clear.

Finally, my friend had suggested this product that she claimed “changes the way you break out.” I figured why not and I ordered the product to be sent to my house that same week.

The product, called Derma Drinks claim to be full of antioxidants that detoxify your body and give you a clean flush from the inside- out. I was so excited to try it after being recommended from an unsponsored, not seen on Instagram testimonial.

I was amazed with my results! I drank the drinks as directed for 4 days and my skin has never looked better! I also give a huge credit to stocking my body up on the full 64 ounces that I need to be drinking and to Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen for making me feel and look my best.

It is true when they say you are what you eat, because my skin was truly looking like a mess, because that’s what I was putting into my body. Skincare goes along such a longer way than washing your face and taking your makeup off.

If you truly want to repair and care for your skin, you need to ensure that the insides are as clean as you want the outside to be. It can be hard to take care of your skin, but with the care and dedication, it is definitely something that can be done and will be worth while.

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