Like sands through the hourglass, so too are your college years. It seems you just get started and before you know it comes the time to say so long.

Continuing with the overt references to TV, what show can better express the cruel brevity of college and the agonizing arrival of senior year than "The Simpsons," a show whose glory days have long since passed and yet bravely, blithely soldiers on, much like every college alum.

1. Your idea of a good Friday night has changed considerably over the last four years.

2. So has your idea of a great Saturday night.

3. And yet when it comes time to work on your senior thesis, sometimes you need a little help staying focused from your friends.

4. And those same friends can be the worst distractions.

5. You can't help but being a little sentimental at times - and letting everyone know.

6. And while you've grown so very much as a person, you still have very little patience for freshmen.

7. But then you remember you're not a complete monster.

8. You can't always hang like you used to, but it doesn't mean you have to stop.

9. There's an inherent understanding that the rules don't always apply to you now.

10. Brutal honesty comes to you more naturally than ever.

11. When you finally begin to get your priorities in order.

12. This horrifying feeling.

13. When you continue to get your priorities in order.

14. And you're allowed to cut a few corners (like making periods 14 point font)

15. Senioritis officially sets in and it's beautiful.

16. When you acquire useful, new skills.

17. You've finally learned to accept your limitations as an individual.

18. No matter how mature you may think you've become, you'll still go to ridiculous lengths to avoid doing laundry.

19. When they hand you your degree.