The Seventh House: It Takes Two
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The Seventh House: It Takes Two

What the Seventh House represents in astrology

The Seventh House: It Takes Two
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Natural Sign: Libra

Ruling Planet: Venus

Quadrant: 3rd (Top Right)

House Type: Angular Social

Represents: business partners, clients, close friends, one-on-one communication, spouse

Partnership is the purpose of the Seventh House. It’s ruled by the sign Libra, as well as the planet Venus (the more relational side of Venus). The Descendant—the cusp of this house—lies opposite the Ascendant1, which represents the type of energy (or energies) you exude towards others. In contrast, Descendant is the type of energy you draw to yourself via close relationships. The Seventh House shows the traits you try to gain by forming intimate bonds with others: your spouse, life partner, or fiancé; your friend who’s like a brother or sister; the co-owner of your company. The kind of person you want to fulfill these roles, the energies you pull in to balance yourself, and the traits you obtain by forming these bonds are all shown through the Seventh House. This is the house where you turn yourself from half to whole.

The Fifth House shows your attitude when it comes to dating; however, the Seventh House is more about marriages, engagements, and other similar bonds. Relationships typically change when they evolve from the short-term to the long-term, so it makes sense that the two types are represented by different houses. Scorpio in the Seventh House can show a partner who is intense, mysterious, and deep. Meanwhile, people with Pisces in this house could prefer a more artistic, whimsical, and compassionate partner. The Moon here makes someone emotionally connected to the idea of marriage. Mercury here seeks communication with the partner, while Uranus can bring someone to seek freedom in (or from) marriage. Venus in Libra in this house can bring some of the most marriage-minded people on earth.

Just because the Seventh House represents spouses, doesn’t mean it only represents romantic duos. The Seventh House shows any kind of pairing or small, intimate group: business partners, legal partners, best friends, and even teammates. It is from these kinds of associations that we obtain the energies opposite our Ascendant ones. Pisces Ascendants balance their abstract, compassionate, and idealistic personalities by bringing in more analytical, logical, and discerning ones (Virgo Descendant); stern and ambitious Capricorn Ascendants do so with more nurturing and empathetic people (Cancer); Gemini Ascendants with adventurous and philosophical people (Sagittarius). People with Saturn in the Seventh House may find that they learn responsibility and hard work from others, or that they have a hard time forming intimate relationships. People with Mars here put most of their energy into relationships; alternatively, they can find their fiery side when they’re with their close friends. Gemini Venus in the Seventh House can bring someone who adores meeting friends with whom they can talk, have fun, and share interesting tidbits.

For those who work as counselors, advisors, and other similar jobs, the Seventh House also shows how they interact with clients. Like it or not, we start relationships with our clients as soon as they walk through our doors. This house not only about what others bring to the table, but also the kind of interaction that occurs between both parties. Do you deal with your clients in a way that’s dynamic and sometimes a little aggressive (Aries)? With a Capricorn Descendant, you may be more business-like in your dealings. The Sun here will make you come off with warmth towards your clients, whereas Jupiter makes you optimistic and fun. Taurus moon here might result in someone who makes food for their clients; Aquarius Uranus might shock their clients. No matter what kind of work we do, we bring our own style through our Seventh House.

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1The cusp of the First House. The First and Seventh House cusps are always directly across from each other.

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