The Seven People Of Summer
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The Seven People Of Summer

#2 are destination summer interns

The Seven People Of Summer
*Photo Credit - Lurda Jurgutis*

Summer break is what dreams are made of, when the art of perfecting Instagrams and Snapchats is taken far too seriously. 

In the age of technology, we all strive for picture perfection and capturing that solitary moment in the middle of the afternoon that encompasses all that summer has to offer. In one of my several attempts to divert momentary boredom, I've developed a theory based upon my observations of trends in social media. From capturing uncomfortable sun-soaked selfies to taking pictures with the Mona Lisa, here are the seven most common themes found throughout summer social media.

1. Study abroaders. No one goes abroad with intentions to study for the class they signed up for. Most of the classes are graded on a pass/fail basis anyways. I've never heard of a better deal. Explorations are most conveniently timed where wifi and alcohol are present, such as the cute cafe or pub down the way.These select few study abroaders are able to send real-time Snapchats of their amazing vino on the terrace of the oldest porch above the most beautiful cobblestone streets of where ever the hell they are. Filters can't seem to do the experience justice and you can't wait for fall to come to hear all their wild stories. Although I'm sure that your friends are having a fabulous time, is a 200 hundred second snapchat story really all that necessary? 

2. Destination summer interns. Are they even working? How do they have time to post pictures of city sky lines during the day or have cocktails at night? Please forward me the application for this dream internship where one can idealize the life of a working girl via an album titled "Summer Internship On the Upper East Side of New York City With Lunch In Little Cafes Every Day".

3. Wedding guests. Every single Saturday -- and there will be a picture of them, their date, and 60 pictures of the “Beautiful Couple!” How many couples do you know? How many people are asking you on these wedding dates? How many wedding outfits can one person have? Fingers crossed, all of these wasted Saturdays have been stocked with an open bar. 

4. Volunteers. Volunteering in Asia? Instagrammed it. Every other person not doing something virtuous in the world, and feeling guilty, liked the post. 

5. Festival heads. If there is live music and dreads, they’re there. Bonaroo (check), Cochella (check), Lollapalooza (check), Electric Forest (check). They might be your typical student during the semester, but come summer nights they’re transformed into people free of showers and cares.  

6. Beach bums. Do they even have a home? How are they in the ocean every single day? Are they island hopping via hitchhiking? Are they living in tiki huts?  How are they always on a boat in the middle of crystal blue water catching red fish? Did they even have on the proper fishing attire? Where is the pole belt for large catches?  How does their Irish skin tan and mine burn?

7. Buzzfeeders. Those who have exhausted any outlet of having a good summer and resort to blowing up your Facebook newsfeed with, "Breaking: Seven Years Later, The Hills was Fake!" If anything, we don't hate the Buzzfeeders, we sympathize for them.

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