The Second House: What Belongs to You?

Natural Sign: Taurus

Ruling Planet: Venus

Quadrant: 1st (Bottom Left)

House Type: Succedent Substance

Represents: earning potential, money, possessions, self-value, talents

The Second House rules the tangible and material aspects of life. Taurus and Venus (more specifically, the grounded side of Venus) are the sign and planet that govern this house. The Second House centers on what you need to feel comfortable and secure on a physical level. No matter how much of a pain it can be, we need money. We need clothing. We need food. We need to stay warm during the winter and cool down during the summer. We need shelter from rain, snow, and hail. And we all feel the need to possess different things, depending on our personal tastes. The Second House is the house of what we own; it’s the house of what we value.

Money is the most widely known feature of the Second House. Your ways of earning money, your spending habits, and your attitude towards money are indicated by the sign on the Second House cusp, as well as the planets inside the house. With Leo on the Second House cusp, your earning potential is greatest when you express yourself, when you’re being creative, and when you’re a star or main character. With Libra on the Second House cusp, your earning potential is maximized when you’re part of a two-member team, or when you work in industries focusing on justice, high culture, or partnership. Saturn in this house can indicate a miser or penny-pincher; Mars in this house can make someone reckless in spending.

The kinds of possessions you have—and whether you have many or few—can also be seen in the Second House. What kinds of food do you enjoy most? Which colors or color schemes appeal to you? What clothing do you like to wear? What kinds of décor do you find attractive? Questions like these can be answered through the Second House. People with Pisces in the Second House often prefer spiritual or water-themed items, as well as things that are artistic or mystical in nature. Or they may altogether transcend the material and decide to have very little. In contrast, people with Virgo in the Second House prefer functional items, things that have a practical use to them. Jupiter can indicate someone who has (or wants) a lot of things. Uranus there shows a person who takes a liking to the unusual. In addition to objects under one’s possession, the Second House also shows what kind of talents someone can have, whether it’s writing (Gemini), cooking (Taurus), or nursing (Cancer).

Among everything the Second House represents, the most important, by far, is one’s sense of self-value. It’s crucial to look to your Second House to see your tendencies regarding how you feel about yourself. People with Mercury in the Second House measure their self-worth by their intelligence; Venus, by their beauty; Mars, by their strength. People with Capricorn on the Second House feel best when they’re working towards a goal; Aquarius, when they feel they are unique and original; Scorpio, when they feel they’ve gone into depth. You should always remember that no matter which placements you have in your chart, you can work on the downsides of those placements (if you haven’t, already). You can always do what improves your self-value, and you can always pat yourself on the back if you’re not as far as you’d like to be.

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