We have been calling a college campus home for nearly six months. Hold THE phone! How did that happen? Anyways, on to the point. People say college is an experience of a lifetime. They say college is your moment to shine. A time in which you truly come into your own.

However, they forget to mention the experience that is going to college the with someone who shares the same face and DNA. Walking around campus with a double is full of much confusion, ALL.the.questions, and a few twin arguments to add in for good measure.

1. I'm waiting for my sister... "your sister goes here too??" My twin. My twin comes here. *mind blown*

2. That awkward moment when a person smiles and waves at me and I have no idea who they are. They think I'm my twin but I just going to wave and quickly walk away...

3. That other awkward moment when someone says, "hey I'm in your Chemistry class." Umm, I'm not even taking Chemistry...

4. Never being able to leave for the weekend to get away from our roommates because we're also roommates at home

5. Forever being starred at if we're together walking around campus. It's as if two people with freakishly similar features is abnormal...

6. Also forever using, "I'm a twin" as our fun fact on the first day of the semester

7. It never fails... Week five of classes someone in our classes missed the memo that we have a twin and they dramatically say, "DO YOU HAVE A TWIN" when we walk into class. Way to go, Einstein, yes I do have a twin.

8. When our twin brains have brilliant simultaneous ideas. Such as skipping gym day and bringing dinner back to the room to eat on our futon (and maybe ice cream too).

9. Speaking of the gym... Not being able to skip gym day when Twin A goes... Because you cannot be known as "the fat twin."

10. Twin B finds a good outfit and Twin A wears it the next day... Totally acceptable right?

11. Always having a lunch buddy... Except on Tuesday's because collided class schedules... Tuesday's are the worst.

12. Gloating about having a free night when Twin B has an exam to study for... Then ending up studying with her because that's just what we do.

13. Always having a best friend at the end of the day that knows you better than you know yourself.

Being a twin on a college campus is pretty much the coolest thing ever.