'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Is Back
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'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Is Back

Season 7 set to air on July 10 at 8/7c on Bravo.

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Is Back

For "Real Housewives of New Jersey" fans, the season seven premiere date has been long awaited. After much anticipation, Bravo has announced that season seven will premiere on July 10 at 8/7 c. With this exciting announcement that has made fans go crazy, the trailer was also released. It took longer than expected (Bravo and Andy Cohen promised it last week but was not released until May 24th). Needless to say, the trailer totally rocked our worlds. Fans were introduced to two new cast members, Siggy Flicker and Delores Catania, as well as reintroduced to former housewife Jacqueline Laurita and veteran housewives Melissa Gorga and sister-in-law Teresa Giudice. With this being the first season after Teresa’s 11-month prison stay, emotions are sure to be high. The trailer was filled with juicy moments, but here are the top moments taken from it:

Teresa’s Homecoming

After an 11-month prison sentence, we will see the moment that Teresa reunites with her four daughters and husband at home. From what was shows, it is sure to be an emotional scene. Gia was seen hysterically crying at the sight of her mother hugging her little sisters.

Joe Begins His Prison Sentence

We then see Joe leaving for his prison sentence with Teresa walking him out to the car and Joe and Melissa Gorga in the background, very emotional. We have seen this whole legal situation play out, but hopefully this is the end.

Jacqueline’s Return

We spent only 1 season without Jacqueline, but she is back and she is bringing the drama. She is not afraid to talk, and that’s what we see. Also seen was her son Nicholas, who she is open about with his autism diagnosis, and daughter Ashlee who is engaged and pregnant. Their relationship was always rocky, but seems to be getting better.

Siggy and Dolores Introduced to Viewers

It wouldn’t be a new season without new housewives, and these ladies seem to fit right in. Already friends with the veteran wives, Siggy and Dolores have relationships that have already been made. This will provide for real drama that comes from the heart. Both ladies are not afraid.

Teresa and Jacquelien Reconcile

Fans of Teresa and Jacqueline will be happy to see them reconcile after their big blow out in earlier seasons. Scenes show them laughing and having fun, and comforting each other when needed. It was almost like watching old seasons.

And Then Fight Again

But that didn’t last for long. The next scene shows Jacqueline and Teresa at it, and this time, it may be the end to their friendship. Jacqueline even goes as far as to call Teresa a “criminal” and a “felon.”

Jacqueline vs. Melissa

From friends to enemies, the trailer shows Jacqueline and Melissa going at it this season. Melissa is finally on good terms with Teresa and will do anything to stand by her. Jacqueline is seen calling out Melissa for her “four nose jobs.”

Kim D. Returns

The trailer only shows a glimpse of Kim D., but we know she will bring the drama. Only time will tell if her fashion show will be the event that no one wants to miss.

Gia on her Dad’s Sentence

It was heartbreaking to see Gia talk to Teresa about Joe’s prison sentence, but it seems that Gia knows everything that is going on and seems to be on board for Joe going to prison and getting his life back together. After all, he even said that this will allow him to sober up and move forward.

Melissa and Teresa

For the first time, we finally see Teresa and Melissa getting along with one another. From the beginning, we see them laughing and hugging, to the end of the trailer where we see Melissa sharing intimate moments with Teresa during one of the hardest periods in her life. We see Melissa telling Teresa that she is one of the strongest people she knows and that she will get through the whole situation.

The trailer was jam-packed and these moments are only some of what is to come. Be sure to tune in to the premiere and don’t forget to catch up with your favorite New Jersey ladies on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.

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