Graduating early comes with a number of benefits and some losses, too. I, who am graduating early, am here to take their tally and see if it's really worth it to graduate early.

Pro: You don’t have to pay college tuition for a full three-quarters. Yay $$$!!! Not having those extra student loans or tuition payments is an obvious plus.

Con: You have to say early goodbyes to your friends. It's not easy to leave people who have become like family over the last four years. They've seen you do everything, from cry in a library carrel to sleep on the floor of Norris. They know you, and you'll miss being surrounded by cool people like them all the time.

Pro: You really aren’t expected to have a job so you can do whatever you want until everyone else in your class graduates. You're free! Now you can finally plan that backpacking trip or get a part-time job! The world is your oyster!

Con: You watch from afar while your friends post about college shenanigans on social media. You forgot how few friends you had at home or wherever you decide to be when you leave college. It's sad. You're sad.

Pro: As a senior you’re probably already over everything, even nostalgia. Deuces college, it's been good.

Con: You might be forced into the real world like a young chick from its nest. While it might seem sweet initially to get out of college, you'll inevitably start thinking about your life as an adult and, unfortunately, the responsibility that comes with that.

Pro: Watching your enemies toil over their work during winter or spring quarter. Haha suckers. Skools 4 kids.

Con: Suffering in silence as you attempt to find a job.