The Process Of Writing A Novel Through Gifs

The Process Of Writing A Novel Through Gifs

Everyone's process may be different but we still share the same problems.


When you are a college student who is trying to write, edit, and finish a novel, it can become fairly upsetting when it comes to that point in the semester where schoolwork overtakes everything. For me personally, no matter how many times my brain scurries back to the novel I'm working on, I just don't have the time to put all my strength into my own story. Attempting to balance classes, homework assignments, friends, sleep, other hobbies, and food (the most important, obviously) can be extremely frustrating.

Because this has been on my mind recently, I started thinking about what I'm writing, how long I've been writing it, and how much farther I still have to go...which lead me to think of what funny gifs I could find to express the feelings that happen when working on a novel (which, of course, I hope you can also relate to).

1. Let's start from the beginning

I mean, odds are, you're probably here reading this list because you want to be an author just like me. Wouldn't it be awesome to make a living off of writing? I think so.

2. Getting an awesome idea

Tell me you have an idea must have one. They are awesome.

3. Working with this new idea

Couldn't have said it any better myself. Who else loves when the ideas just keeping getting deeper and deeper until it's just so cool you can't contain yourself?

4. Continuing on with ambition for this new found idea...

... and feeling really good about it.

5. You get so consumed in writing that you forget to socialize. When you do get back to socializing and people ask where you've been, you know...

For real, non-writers will never understand our enthusiasm and want to lock ourselves into a room and write all day.

6. Usually, they say something that makes you react like this:

Well, now don't you just want to stop socializing and go back to your writing?

7. After you get back into writing mode and then the writer's block hits you

Oh, hey, this might be more difficult than I thought.

8. Then the plot holes start showing up...

In the end, you know you'll get through them but as of's complaining time.

9. So you get back to work because all the story in your head needs to come out on the page ASAP

If you're like me, you have to work chronologically so you have to get through the issues before you can move on. If you aren't like me...teach me your ways.

10. Then your writing really hits you and it takes on full force

Just pretend your story is this ice cream cone you want to eat and you are Kara Danvers from Supergirl.

11. At last, you slowly realize how happy you are with your final masterpiece

Which most like won't happen for a very long time to come...and let's not forget the editing stage, which is a whole other list.

I hope you were able to relate to how I experience the writing process (in a shortened version of course), and I guess everyone is different when it comes down to it. So whether you're a fast writer or not, whenever you do finish a project, I applaud you and congratulate you... to which I imagine you doing something along the lines of this:

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