There is this undeniable angst that has managed to attach itself to black woman in today's society. We are superficial, shallow, driven by image and what's trending rather than what is happening right outside our doors. I cannot stress to you how far from the truth this could be and just how much today's "pretty black girl" is nothing but an unfair stereotype.

You argue makeup. I'm talking about the weaves that comes down to our hips, the acrylic nails that glisten with fairy dust from miles away, the expensive handbag that we dare not let touch the floor, and the uneasy furrow of our brows that transcends as "bitchy". The misconception is that we forfeit our brains for beauty. We can't possibly get good grades in school or have aspirations other than the clothes we wear. Give me a break ! Woman of all different cultures and ethnicities have been " beating their faces" for centuries. Why is it the black woman that has to be associated with the negativities that come along with the word?

The same goes for relationships. "Why are black woman always talking about relationships"? Everywhere we go, we are trying to find a man or find someone to take care of us for the rest of our lives. Hey, I am not saying that their are not black woman out there looking for this exact thing, but just like there is a black woman; there are mulatto, white, brown, asian, hispanic, and muslim woman doing and looking for the same thing. An aware, goal oriented woman understands relationships an their entirely. She understands the give and take and is more concerned about the image she carries for herself then that of the image she carries attacked to a man.

Or my own personal favorite, black woman who hate on each other. To this day, the concept still baffles me. Why can't we compliment each other without hidden meanings? or the assumption that the other is jealous. We need to let this shit go, man! The actuality of the situation is that if you were to put all these pretty black girls side by side, would we all not be called " N e g r o "? So why continue to divide ourselves any further. Imagine just how much more we would accomplish working together rather than against each other. Black woman are so much more than the label society gives us. We are doctors, lawyers, business woman, educated, artists, teachers, strong, driven, and ever so powerful, its not wonder the world fears us.

I am proud to be a PRETTY BLACK GIRL, as should you ! There is no rulebook that set in stone that says black woman cannot be pretty and woke at the same time. Don't fall victim to a system rooting against you from the start. You are more....We are more.

- Keep the Vibes