The Power Of A Smile
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Student Life

The Power Of A Smile

Although it may not always be real, at least I can make someone else's day

The Power Of A Smile

Throughout my entire life, I have always tried my best to have a smile on my face. Even when I cry, for some reason, afterwards, I would almost always smile and laugh. It was almost like I would never want to be sad. I thought that was a good thing, so I always kept with that always wanting to be happy mood.

Recently, I have been discovering more and more as to why I absolutely love smiling, and why I always love being positive and happy all the time.

Smiling gives me power inside. That power is something that I have always had, but I am recently discovering what that power truly is.

When I smile, people usually smile with me. Sometimes a smile can make someone’s day. People have come up to me and told me that I made their days every time I smile after they had a long week or even that just giving them a nice smile or two cheered them up. That is proof that smiles make others happy or give them a little something to be happy about everyday.

A smile gives me confidence. No matter where I am whether it be the hallways of high school, or my college campus I always wear a smile on my face. It is something that still remains as a part of me, my positivity through my smile.

Especially in high school when I was bullied, but I still always kept my smile on my face, no matter what. It might have been off my face for short periods of time, but it was not off for long. I always bounced back to who I truly discovered I was because it did not feel right not to bounce back.

There was always a big part of me that felt like my job was to help bring positivity and light into other people’s lives. No “ordinary” person has that feeling. Not everyone nowadays has that feeling of always wanting to smile, and be happy anytime they can. I thought that with that feeling, I should embrace it everyday and always use it to help others feel good inside.

Yes, this is hard sometimes and it does have ups and downs, but what does not have those? Entire lives cannot go on without having some ups and downs, rocky roads, and those times where you regret what you do. I believe that those cannot stop you fully. With my positivity towards life, I have those beliefs that life is something where it has a plan for you, you just have to take your time and take everything one step at a time. You always have to be yourself, if you do not know yourself, then you find a way to discover you. Embrace yourself: because you have a place in the world, everyone does. It is something that you just have to discover.

For me, part of my discovery was learning that I love to smile a lot, and I hate not smiling for long periods of time. I love smiling and spreading my positivity to the world. My world is something I want to keep so positive and I want to keep a great environment for everyone that is within my life.

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