When I first joined my sorority, I forced myself to do so with an open mind. I'd already spent a semester listening to a roommate who hated the idea of Greek Life altogether and a parent who was practically forcing it down my throat. Everyone had their own idea of what they wanted my Greek experience to be. I didn't know what to expect. What ended up happening, beyond me gaining a meaningful relationship with my chapter as a whole, was the bond of my family.

My sorority family currently consists of a twin, a little and a g-little. I'm the only member left in undergraduate, so it's likely that those circumstances will change, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I had my first "date" with my twin on my birthday (funny, right?). Instantly I knew we would be lifelong friends because we like the same type of food and she is incredibly funny. She also has a heart as big as the sun. Although she's my twin, those around me thought of her like my big because she's older than me. I agree that she serves that role in a way. She's always looked out for me and supported me. She guided me through a very difficult first year of undergrad. She made me feel at home in my sorority when I felt overwhelmed.

When she graduated, I noticed a huge hole in my sorority experience. Sure, I had made tons of friends, but my family was missing. When I got a little, that all changed. Although I hadn't met my little before revealing to her that I'm her big, I couldn't imagine my the last two years without her.

Also older than me (a family trend that continued for a while, as my twin's little is also older than her), she and I connected about quickly moving into the "real" world. We both worked, had a lot of family responsibility, and enjoyed the same activities in our free time. Now, she's the first person I want to talk to when I have questions about "growing up", whatever that means as we all get older and go through the weird transition from college adult to "real adult".

She gave me one of the most precious gifts, my g-little. Also someone I hadn't been too familiar with up until I found out she was joining the family, this girl is someone I call for everything. If I have a problem, an accomplishment, or a need for a girl's night in, she's always there. We share the same struggles, the same values, and so many memories with my little as a family. Whenever we're together, I picture someone else looking at us and listening and going "Wow, they're all mentally 50."

It's true. We are.

And I can't imagine a life without them.

My sorority family has given me love, laughs, and comfort.

And for that reason, I'm happy I kept my mind open to joining the organization that would give me them.